Suede Devin Mmmmmmmm

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  1. Ahhhhhh, what a pretty pretty bag. Now I know I will always use this bag over my Black one. I treated it with Wilson's heavily twice and will hope for longevity. I think someone posted in here awhile back that they got one that was all dinged up and that the quality was cheap. I don't see any evidence of that on this one.

    Interesting that they decided to make the Suede ones with a single strap instead of double. We'll have to remember that in years to come when someone wonders if the Single strapped Devins are fake.



  2. That is gorgeous! (swooning...) Lexie, you have the most beautiful bags. Is it trimmed in patent? Very rich looking. I'm anxious to find out if Wilsons works as well on suede as it does on leather. Kooba did that bag proud! Very pretty.
  3. Thanks Ciatta....Yes, trimmed in Patent. It's visually a great looking bag and I learned that the Devin is functionally wonderful when carrying my leather one.
  4. Love the patent trimming:heart:
  5. Wow Lexie, that is one gorgeous bag. I didn't realize it was a 'bucket' bag until viewing your picture of the base. I bet it holds a lot. Absolutely adore the color. Keep us posted re wear and tear.
  6. Lexie that bag is beautiful. Do you like the one strap better than two? I cant wait to see some of these bags in person.
  7. The Bucket part is very cool because the bag on you does not look huge at all but it holds a ton and since it has a sort of base, your stuff doesn't fall into a crevass. Just sits in the circular base.

    Ummm...the double strap vs single makes no difference in feel to me. The double strap always stayed together into one strap anyway. When the Black one gets sold I really am considering a back-up for this bag since it's so stunning to me. Realistically I know there will be wear issues but I am going to have to make an effort that it stays in during rain/snow and I'll have to hang it rather than sit it down probably (for bottom wear).

    Really guys....the most comfortable wearing Kooba I have ever had.
  8. Looks good Lexie! The patent trim is so pretty, and definitely reminiscent of Metallic Army.
  9. Love it. It's beautiful. The patent leather trim adds a really rich feel to it.
  10. ohhh! I really love it! the trim is just perfect for that color suede! congrats!
  11. your bag is a real conversation stopper.
  12. What a gorgeous bag. Thanks for recommending the style to me, Lexie. I love my white one and can hardly wait for the taupe suede one to arrive, which is being funded by taupe suede Elisha who now has a new home.
  13. I love the patent trim on the bag. What color is that. I am liking this bag more and more all the time.
  14. It's like a Mink Color...with a touch of bronze. The Suede is called Taupe but not the usual color I usually associate Taupe with.
  15. I really think that the suede Elisha's and Devins are the bags to get from the Fall range.

    I would love any colour, but Im just waiting for Lexie's report on how the suede holds up after some use.