Suede Coffer!

  1. Unfortunately I'm flat broke right now but I so want the brown suede coffer I've been admiring in this forum. Is there any way to still snag one, are there waiting lists for this purse and if so, how do I get on one? I want one *badly* and don't want to miss out if/when it becomes become available again (hopefully I'll have my Xmas bonus by then :nuts: ).

    Thanks girls for any help/info!
  2. At Neiman Marcus online, they show the brown suede coffer on backorder, expected delivery early December. You could place an order, but you would just be on the waiting list. Online you don't need a Neiman's cc (like you do in the store--NM or Amex cards only) to order; they take other credit cards, too.

    Good luck!
  3. thank you! So you have to place the order online @ NM? does your card get charged immediately or when it ships?
  4. good question. I don't know, but they have a phone # on the order site that you could call to ask that question. Most companies don't charge until the item ships, but who knows with NM.
  5. NM DOES charge when you place the order.( It puts a hold on the funds actually!)
  6. Jill really?? NM CS told me yesterday that if I used a charge card like AMEX that I would only get charged when it shipped, not immediately. If I used my debit card though, it would get deducted immediately. I'll have to confirm this as I don't want it to charge right now, I need my bonus first LOL.

    Would I be taking a chance that I'd miss out if I wait until the Coffers become available again? Will they sell out immediately you think?