Suede CL's

  1. HEy all I got my first pair of suede CL's you treat them with anything before wearing them? I dont want to ruin mine:confused1:
  2. What style did you get?
  3. I dunno:confused1::shame:..closed toe wedge in "peanut" kinda new to the CL thing. I love them so much I ordered a pair of simple pumps last night
  4. I do not have any CL suede but I do sometimes treat suede shoes with the spary you can buy. Hopefully one of the experts will jump. in. How do you like the wedges? Are they comfy? How high is the wedge? Only asking because I am thinking about getting the patent wedge. Thanks!
    You will love the simples too! I have black simples, 85.:tup:
  5. I really like the wedge I didnt get super high ones, i am not sure about the exact specs, but they are comfy, a little tight but they dont hurt anywhere no pinches or anything i adore them
  6. I'm not really a fan of suede shoes, but I have heard some good things about Nubuck rainguard protection spray.

    I have been stalking Saks online and saw the chocolate Bourge Zeppa suede boots. These are HOTTT!!

  7. priim those are HOOOOTTTT

    These are the ones i got (do you think they run similar to VP?) I was debating on the magenta simples or black VP....but they dont have the 1/2 size up on the vp so i wasnt sure if my tr woud fit

  8. I think the wedges are so cute, I keep going back and forth on them. I don't know why I won't just buy them allready. I want the black patents. I guess I need someone to tell me if they would be a good purchase.... hint hint..;);)
  9. Cute wedges Lo!

    I NEED these Zeppa boots. They are sexy :biggrin: I don't get much use out of boots in the first place..and I hate cleaning suede. Eh. :shrugs:
  10. I think they are a GREAT buy!! Honestly, when i wear them its like im not wearing heels at all they feel like flats. They are amazing, a little tight, but will stretch out but for them being tight they dont "hurt" or pinch or anything...I think you should DEFINETLY get them!! IF they had them in leather in different colors i would get more
  11. ^ Yeah I think I would consider them if they were in leather or patent.
  12. Priin the suede makes me nervous as well especially in the winter, i am so scared of ruining them, but oh well they were too cute for me too pass up. I need a pair of black CL's i want the VP but they only have a size 41 and that my "reg size" and im not sure if they'll fit, but i love them, haha
  13. What was the price on yours in suede? If you do not mind me asking:flowers:
    The patent 3 inch wedge I am drooling:drool: over are a little over $600. there is a smaller wedge with a slingback for $290 but of course I do not like it as well. Did you size up for yours??
  14. they were $625, i didnt size up which is probably why they are a little tight but i have been wearing them around the house all day and they seem to be giving way a little (bc its suede). You should get them they really are sooo great and comfortable:tup:
  15. You are so sweet to get back so fast.:flowers: I know now we are talking about the same ones. The SA said the were TTS but since they are patent I will go up a half size.Gosh maybe I need a whole if yours a snug. Thanks you made me feel better:wlae: