Suede Chanel bags - worth spending money on?

  1. Do you think it's worth spending money on suede bags?

    I found a GORGEOUS suede Chanel bag (mini flap) in deep red at a second-hand store for a very reasonable price (compared to what it woud've been in regular-priced stores). Do you think it's worth investing $500+ into a suede bag? I know it wouldn't be my every-day bag but how much use would I get out of it? Leather ones would last for years, but I'm not sure about suede... I know that it's authentic, so authenticity is not a problem.

    Thanks for all your help!
  2. Oh if it is at that price, I'd think it is all right. But I saw a brand new one in the store and did not get it cos I don't think it is worth it at the retail price ....just my little 2 cents' worth:smile:
  3. Yeah I agree, I wouldn't pay full price, but sounds like you're looking at a pretty good deal. But if you know you will worry about maintenance, then save yourself all that stress and don't get it :smile:
  4. I have a beautiful suede flap style bag that I have had for YEARS now.I have never seen anyone with it and at the time it came in brown as well. I love it and its not so hard to maintain. I paid like 840.00 for it in 2002.
    Its a classic. I dont think I have ever cleaned it. I'd say go for it. The red suede sounds rich and beautiful. Suede is coming back this fall. I am sure you could find some nice red suede boots to go with it...
    Is it the classic chain ?
    ALso it is an investment, I am sure you could sell it for the same amount if not more, if you decided you did not need it anymore.. RED is so popular
  5. I have a pink suede flap that I have had for 3 years. I haven't had any trouble with it. Definitely go for the red at that price.
  6. Maybe you could spray it to protect it, buy it if you love it!
  7. that's good advice - if you LOVE IT - buy it!
  8. Sounds pretty.:love:
  9. Oh my! The bag sounds GORGEOUS. I say if it's a good price and if it's in good condition then go for it!
  10. I love suede! If I can keep my red suede shoes looking nice and clean, you can definitely keep a red suede bag looking good.
  11. I bought chanel pink suede bag, and I regret it, os you can't use it everyday, its for special occasion, and its hard to maintain, I would make second thought, better save money and get classic, it last forever.
  12. I'd love to see pictures of the bag :p $500 is a great price for a Chanel bag. If you love it, definitely get it! Red suede sounds fabulous :drool:
  13. My first reaction is that it would be hard to maintain, but the members below that have one say it isn't so hard. If that's not an issue, then I say go for it!!
  14. I wouldn't be able to pass up any Chanel Bag for $500. I say, "buy it"

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