suede carly?

  1. I was in Manhattan today visiting a client and had some extra time, so I stopped by Macy's and they had a large blue suede Carly! I must have looked so confused to the SAs because I would look at and hold it, walk away, and then walk back looking at it more. I must have done that 3 times. I didn't know the Carly came in suede at that! It looked a little odd though because the leather straps were white, but they had a blue tinge to it.

    BTW, they also had 1 signature stripe tote in punch and a light blue. Was very tempted to buy the light blue tote.
  2. i know which carly your talking about & i like it alot.
    some others dont care for it but to me it's different.

    i would be so worried about ruining the suede.
  3. Thats a new one to me. Sounds kind of neat though.
  4. I wish I had my cell phone with the better camera. I would have taken a picture of it.

    Found one on eBay...

    Also there's a camel one. LOVE it despite being suede!
  5. oh, i LOVE the chambray suede...i tried so hard to talk myself into it (so did my sa!). but SO not practical for me- putting that down on floors on campus would give way to it be instantly ruined.
  6. to me the suede on that carly is sooooooooo extra soft !

    gosh, you guys are making me ache for it .
  7. I saw it at the last pce and it was so pretty but I am sure I would have problems keeping the suede looking clean.
  8. 02ad_1.JPG

    yum yum yum .
  9. The trim is white snakeskin btw! It's gorgeousss
  10. oh no !

    i think we have sprinkles "seal of approval". lol
  11. :graucho:

    *passes cha cha my business card * hey ladyyy
  12. yahoo!!!!!!!!

    now if i do buy this chambray carly ,im going to tell my dear irate hubby thats it's sprinkles fault !!!

    go get sprinkles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  13. maybe i haven't talked myself outta this bag...

    oooh. gotta blame sprinkles. :devil:
  14. -if i buy it , i'm gonna baby-fiy it, big time !

    -if i'm at a restaurant - i'll put it under my shirt.

    -if i'm in my car - no drinks allowed in the front next to my chambray carly!

    -if i'm home - It's going in a dustbag immediately even though it's not ready for storage. i'll just have to pull it out on my out the door.

    -if anyone wants to touch my bag - i'll hand them baby wipes first to wipe their hands down.

    - if im at the doctors office , i'll wipe down the counter
    or chair before placing my bag there.

    oh, gee whiz - what a headache ! is it worth it ?
  15. totally worth it!!!