Suede Bag

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  1. I found a beautiful blue-grey suede bag today. I really want to get it but I'm a bit nervous about getting it b/c 1) it's suede and not water-repellant and 2) will the color rub-off on my lighter colored clothes? Do any of you ladies out there have suede bags? If so, do you used it as often as your other bags? I'm not a big "baby my bag" kinda gal. So is this bag not for me?
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    I think it depends on the brand, for example there are a lot of embossed suede YSL bags and they say it's easy to care for.
  3. The brand is Great by Sandie...
  4. I am not a big fan of suede bags for the reasons you mentioned, but if you love it and don't mind--GET IT!
  5. I do love it but I really don't want to buy it and then never use it. I do that all the time with purchases and then I feel like an idiot afterwards.
  6. I love suede and have a few suede bags. I don't baby them I use them like normal. I do only use suede bags in the cooler months though. I feel awkward with wearing what appears to be a heavier fabric during the hot sticky months. If I know it's going to rain I won't use that bag. You could water proof it if you wanted, no? I haven't experienced any color transfer. Blue-grey sounds pretty, mind showing a pic? If it's not going to break your budget and you like it sure I'd get it. Suede is gorgeous!
  7. I have a dark brown Cocinelle suede and like one2many i never wear it in the hot months either. I DO have to be careful with water bottles and rain, perhaps you could get some water proof spray, i didnt use one on mine for fear of messing it up. You might have to baby it more due to the lighter color IMO than you would a leather bag:yes:
  8. I might worry about a very light color on suede just because it may get dirty but I have lots of suede bags and have never had an issue. I would personally put suede protector if it was a very light color. I've done that without a problem...bought some at Wilson's Leather. I carry a small plastic trash liner in my bag all the times in case it's pouring when I have to go out to my car. I don't want my bag to get soaked - suede or not.
  9. It's a dark blue-grey suede. I'm worried that the color will rub off on a cream/ivory sweater or something. I tried finding a pix online but I couldn't and I didn't feel comfortable taking a pix at the store b/c the saleslady was following me around. She was pushing hard for a sale...which is something I cannot stand! Thanks for your advice! I will have to go back for a second look. :smile:
  10. I am not nice to suede and if you aren't going to baby the bag then don't buy the bag

    I have learned that I can love a bag but that doesn't mean I need to own the bag, start looking at other bags and maybe you will find a new love ;)
  11. funny...that is a great question...I have been told by several shoe experts that it is a misnomer that suede is so delicate and actually it is often more waterproof than leather on shoes...I don't know if it dependson the brand, but I have a pair of boots, that I have had for 4 years, and i have a lot of rain where I am and they still look fantastic. I also know there are things you can spray it with to make it repellant...ask a leather specialist...i love suede bags...go for it!