Suede Arco Bag Reveal

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  1. #1 Jan 20, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
    As my BV future remains uncertain, I thought I’d post this reveal of the suede arco tote AKA my “barn bag”. It’s exactly what I had hoped it would be. The thickness of the suede feels substantial. It has ties at the top and a pouch inside. (I was told by my SA that the suede version of the Arco would only be available online, while the smooth leather ones would also be in the stores.) I sort of roughed up the suede a bit to give it more of a “stable” feeling.
    As I’ve posted previously, I grew up riding horses. I got my own horse and began competing when I was about 13. Naturally, I couldn’t drive a car, so I kept a tote full of necessities in the tack room. (This was common among the girls I rode with, as ‘female accidents’ were not unusual back then. We kept extra clothing and ‘girl stuff’ in the tack room with our saddles and other tack.) These bags were our Barn Bags. This bag reminded me of those and now that I can drive, I can stash it in the trunk of my car. I have been known to spill food/drinks while driving on short trips and like to have a change of clothes with me. Plus, a roll of paper towels, hand wipes, etc.

    Even if this is my last BV, I’m happy to be going out on a positive note. I’m trying to remain open to new designs. And TBH, this isn’t all about the change in designers. I’m also feeling that I just don’t need any more bags, regardless of the brand. On the other hand, I may wake up one day with a whole new brain is running this show and it’s never been known to be very organized.

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  2. Congratulations Diane - it’s a beautiful bag and it looks fantastic on you. It’s wonderful in the memories it brings up. I hope you have a lot of fun making new memories with your gorgeous suede Arco!
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  3. What a beautiful bag! Congratulations! :yahoo:
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  4. I really like that bag, but leaving it in the truck of the car, NOT. She deserves a front seat
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  5. Gorgeous!
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  6. It is beautiful. How is it made, though - are there space in the weave so items inside could fall out, or is it magically sealed somehow? One more gorgeous photo to show that? I also agree that I couldn’t keep it stuffed in the trunk of my car...
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  7. Congratulations! It is a lovely bag. I'm with @southernbelle43 too- I couldn't bring myself to leave it in the boot of the car :oh:
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  8. I don’t see how anything could fall out the way it’s woven. The leather itself is thicker than I had expected....and doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to be “soft”.
    I like having a tote in the trunk because if I need to have a way to carry stuff I buy, I can grab the tote, take anything inside of it out temporarily, throw my clutch in there and then fill the rest of it with stuff, retrieve the clutch, then put the full tote back in the trunk until I’m done and back at home. It actually works better than my lame description! (I’m in California, where stores no longer want to provide bags.....).
    Denim is my second skin, and this bag screams “wear me with denim!” I also don’t plan on being careful with it. I love “worn” suede.
  9. Thank you, and your 'lame description' was perfect. I understood it, anyway. :smile:
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  10. It’s a beauty and was worth the wait, I hope.

    do you think it could be a warm weather bag? I imagine it looking relaxed luxe with linen.
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  11. Wow! I love it!! Congratulations!! :happydance:

    I have a soft spot for suede so this is right up my alley!

    Thanks for posting so many photos--it's just gorgeous! :loveeyes:
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  12. When Fedex missed picking it up last Thursday, and I was told it would arrive today instead of Friday, I decided it was meant to be a lesson in patience. :confused1:
    And I agree that it’ll work with well as chambray & denim.
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  13. #13 Jan 20, 2020
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2020
    You seem to be ok with my setting her on rocks. :lol: The first time I set a BV on rocks and my SA saw the photo, she couldn’t believe it. Her response was, “Only you would set a BV on rocks!”
    So, now it’s a regular pose.
    But I’ll let her ride up front as long as she behaves....
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  14. Your new bag is just beautiful...and i am glad you decided not to banish her to the trunk:biggrin: the color and the suede look just stunning :heart:
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  15. She’s currently hanging by the back door. She’s versatile and can probably survive any mischief I get her into....:lol::lol::lol:
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