Suede 2002 Classique with Pewter hardware!!!

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  1. I have a bag that is very similar to this one. The style is so cool (and collectible). Not only does it have the pewter hardware (first season it came out) but the strap is even a little longer than my long strap on my '02 caramel flat brass so it can be worn messenger style.

    Good luck LP!! I am sure this will go fast.
  2. ^ And it did go fast...very pretty. Congrats to the winner and LP on her sale ;o)
  3. congrats to LP & the lucky winner :drinkup:
  4. Thanks all! Can't wait ... :sweatdrop: :heart:

    I think I will seriously consider cutting my internet connection from home = save money + no more access to eBay/tPF...

  5. ^^ i need to do the same thing!!!
  6. What? It sold?? I just woke up... Off to look...
  7. aww so cute :roflmfao:
  8. I love that!
  9. Love it!!! Great bag, great price. :yes:
  10. Oh, good one!
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