Sue London

  1. Has anyone the Sue London ballet flats or the light wedge? The light wedge looks really cute but a bit pricey. Here is a pic:
  2. I am waiting on a pair that I should get tomorrow. A word of warning to you, if you buy directly from Sue London do it by phone and follow up!!! I ordered a pair online a few weeks ago. After a week went by and I had not received the shoes, I emailed an inquiry. A few days went by without response so I called only to find out my order never shipped because the color I ordered was sold out in my size. I confirmed which colors were available and ordered two pairs again by phone last week. I called today only to be told my order never shipped because one of the colors I ordered was sold out in my size!!!! The guy who helped me was very apologetic and promised to overnight me my shoes today. He was supposed to call me with a tracking number but never did. I called later and he promised me they were shipped overnight to me today. I guess demand has gone through the roof and they can't keep up.
  3. Which size/colors did you get? I'm thinking of the London Slipper in Chalet and the Light Wedge in Noir. Good luck!
  4. I have two pairs of the London Slipper; one in Carter Grey and one in Hutchinson. I had originally ordered it in Noir but my size was not in stock. I did receive a phone call and email letting me know I could be on a waitlist. That was before Thanksgiving. It did take 2 weeks for one pair to ship. So far, I like them;very comfortable. I have noticed a difference in the 2 colors I bought in that one shows more toe cleavage than the other. Could be due to where they were made;one was made in India and the other in China.
  5. Ok I love them, they are soo comfy that when i first got them I got 4 pairs, but i had a pair rip on me, so I got mad at them and dont wear any of them anymore, lol.....just be careful
  6. My pairs did NOT arrive as promised today. I am very upset. I originally ordered the Vail in size 9 because I thought it was a very soft gold. I found out it has a hint of green in it. They were sold out in size 9. Then I tried to order Vail in 8 and platimun gold in 9. That shipment was cancelled too. Last, yesterday they said they overnighted me platinum gold in size 8 and in size 9. Still no shoes.
    I ordered two sizes to see which would fit better. I'm a 8.5 US but my feet are on the wide side. I wear a 39 in many European shoes. They suggested downsizing. The guy that helped me said they would feel tight at first but after you wear them they stretch and mold to your foot. I was unsure and since I leave for my trip early Thursday I ordered both and I'll return the one that doesn't fit.

    Lo, where did yours rip? How did it happen? Is the leather thin?

    Justwatchin, I LOVE the carter gray. I was really thinking about ordering that color. If you have any pics of them on would you post them? The Hutchinson is cool too.
  7. Update. I got the shoes today. The 8 fits perfectly. I leave early in the morning for a week long trip to Italy. Hopefully they travel well and hold up well!