Sue London sizing

  1. i love that flats are in this season because i am so self conscious of how tall i am even though i am only 5'7" i was wondering if anyone has sue london flats and do they run small or true to size?? also are they comfy??


    oh and if anyone has the mermaid color is it pinkish?? i cant really tell from the pics oooh i have a lot of questions :rolleyes:
  2. aside from the sue london flats does anyone know how the londonsole and frenchsole sizings run??
  3. Sue London sizing..... if i were you and you were a 7.5 usa size then i would go for the 8. If you're a 7 then go for the 7. Hope that helps : ) - Its worked for me. caio!
  4. ok so for 1/2 sizes go up... Thanks!!