Sue London Flats

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to figure out what size I wear in Sue London flats. Do you recommend sizing up or down?

    I normally wear a 7.5 but I'm trying to figure out if I can fit a 7. For reference, I usually wear a 7 in Sigerson Morrison and a 7.5 or 8 in Tory Burch.

    I can't order an 8 in the Sue London flats because there are none left in stock :Push:

  2. I think you should size down in Sue London. I spoke to someone at Sue London who advised me to size down since I wear 8.5 because the shoes mold to your feet. I didn't totally trust his advice so I ordered both an 8 and 9. He was right. The 9 was too big. The 8 was a tiny bit snug but they stretched and they did mold to my foot. I returned the size 9.
  3. It sort of depends on the color you're getting. I called the company too, and they said that the lighter colors stretch more, while the metallics won't stretch out as much. So I wear an 8.5 but got a 9 in metallic bronze, and they fit perfectly. The shoes are pretty unstructured so honestly I think you can get either size and they'll be ok.
  4. I've seen these around -- are they well-made and comfortable? Their price kind of throws me off.
  5. they are fairly comfortable, but for the price, i have ballet flats from nine west that were wayyyyy cheaper and feel the same, the only diff being that i can fold up my sue londons in my purse when i go out to the club and put them on at the end of a long night of dancing!
  6. I have the platinum gold (metallic), a taupe color and black. They are all size 8. My US size is 8.5. The black is the only pair that feels too tight.

    Sue London slippers are useful to me because they fold. I keep a pair in my purse at all times. When I wear super high heels I wear my SL slippers from my parking lot to work and slip my heels on in the office. Beware, the customer service at Sue London is atrocious and I do not recommend buying direct from the company. The slippers themselves are not the greatest quality but they are comfortable. They are flimsy but soft leather. My first pair totally ripped but it was time to toss them anyway. A fellow TPF member had the same thing happen to her pair. They are NOT worth full price but if you can snag a good deal I would get them.
  7. I'd have thought to size up -- I'm a true US 6, and my Sue London flats (Black and Nord -- metallic champagne gold) are both a 6, and they are snug and you can see the outline of my toes a bit through the soft leather. But I will defer to the lovely ladies here who actually ARE between sizes :smile:.

    I agree with lawchick -- I think that these slippers are mostly good for carrying in a purse as shoes to change into. They are terrific for that (and super comfortable!). I wish I'd discovered them years ago for that purpose. They're also great for travel. But they're not sturdy all-purpose everyday flats in my opinion.
  8. ^^I agree with all the above! I just wanted to say they are great beacause they fold up. I keep a pair in my car for those just in case situations!! BTW they are fantastic for travel!!
  9. Thanks for the reviews, gals. Are they sturdy enough to wear as regular flats, or are the soles more like house-slippers?
  10. You can wear them as regular flats but the soles are just a thin pad of rubber at the ball of the foot and another one at the heel. There is absolutely no support. I also wouldn't wear them if the ground is wet since the soles are not totally covered. I did that once and the water soaked through the uncoated parts of the sole.
    I don't have feet that can tell the difference between shoes with and without arch support so I do wear these ocassionally as regular flats. I have to say they are really, really comfortable. And I always wear them on long flights since they are so comfy and easy to slip in and out of.
  11. ^^Add to that, it depends on what your feet are like. Mine are totally flat so I don't care if I have arch support in my shoes or not. I would say that the soles are closer to house slippers than real shoes... you can definitely feel the ground in these. They are comfortable for walking around shopping, but probably not for walking more than 2 miles.
  12. Thanks, ladies!