Suddenly the Klein! Ooo la la!

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  1. I was at Nordies today picking up my Topaz stam from repair( They did an AMAZING job BTW) and as I was looking around I picked up the Klein just for the heck of it and I was so impressed! I didn't think it was a shoulder bag, but there it sat on my shoulder, comfortable, not digging into my armpit. . .hmmmmmmmm I thought:love:. Then I opened it up and realized the amazing genius of this bag. The inside has a ton of compartments, yay for organization!

    OOOOOoooo, I'm thinking Cherry Tart. . .maybe it could sub for a red Blake.

    So ladies who have this on your wish lists, are you planing on using this as a shoulder bag?

    I was also I admiring the Color Block Hobo. It was surprisingly light and that front pocket seemed very useful! I don't think I like how deep the bag is though so I'm thinking the Issac might me more my speed. . .or the Lera. . .lol, that is assuming I could afford either. If Nordies is carrying the hobo though maybe they will carry the Issac in which case I can dream of picking one up on sale:heart:.
  2. I love the Klein, especially for the organization. I have used it as a hand bag as well as shoulder. I highly recommend.
  3. the klein is so classy. my favorite is indigo. i love the hammered gold clasp. i wouldn't mind getting one of these on sale either. :graucho: i saw the lera. such a great looking bag, but the flap would drive me nuts.
  4. Go for it! I am big on organization as well. If you can get it on sale, the better too :smile:
  5. Fortunately with the magnetic closure you don't have to close the flap if you don't want to and the bag remains secure. Better than a half zipped Venetia, that I still carry and love.

    eta did you mean the flap on the lera? I apologize I thought you meant the klein strap.
  6. The Klein is definitely one of my favorite styles! It's such gorgeous and timeless. It would look amazing in Cherry Tart.

  7. ITA about the Lera. I think its SO pretty but the flap turns me off. . .in fact it's a bummer that most of the color block bags have the flap. I think I would just end up leaving it dangling inside the bag.

    ooooo, I'm so excited about the Klein right now. I don't know if I can wait until June though for a sale:sweatdrop:.

    Okay Jacy. . .shake it off, you haven't even seen the Fall 08 bags yet, don't get too excited. . .
  8. ^ the mika, pouchette, and small clutch don't have a flap. :graucho:
  9. I know, but they are so small:s.

    Well, I guess the Mika isn't that little, I shouldn't say that. I'll have to examine one more closely when I take my shopping/research trip.

    Have you used your Mika yet? Is she wonderful?:love:
  10. ^ no, i haven't used it yet. :sad: the weather here hasn't been all that great. i'm afraid of taking it out and having it rain because the care card warned against exposing the bag to water. the weather is slowly getting nicer. i plan on wearing it with this great cashmere grey t-shirt dress i recently bought and gladiator sandals. i have the outfit all planned on and everything for the mika's debut! dorky, i know. :shame:
  11. ^LOL, I love it. I do the same exact thing!
    Is the dress the Thakoon one you were talking about a little while ago?
    Sounds 2 cute:flowers:.
  12. ^ no, i bought another grey dress from alexander wang. i'm r e a l l y into grey. it's my favorite color. wait - it's not a color, right? whatever, it's my favorite shade.
  13. jacy- i will see you at the sales table, get ready to fight for that indigo klein!:ninja::ninja:
  14. ^ i thought you didn't fight, remember? you stalk them and will them to set the bag down. i'm the hair puller and scratcher. :lol:
  15. Haha, don't worry ladies, the Indigo is all yours. I won't get in the way. . .Cherry Tart though is another mater all together. I can't be held responsible for what I might do under the spell of that delicious color, yum!

    I kick BTW, so watch your shins.