Suddenly Loving the Marc Jacobs!!

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am often in the LV section and have some LV bags and accessories, but the other day I was in Nordstroms and picked up my first MJ bag-- the Blake -- in a TDF light purple and fell in LOVE!! It was $995, which I could save up for, but I was just wondering if anyone has this bag. If you have it, do you like it? I need a bag I can put over my shoulder and this one seemed to work as a shoulder and handbag. Also, does MJ ever go on sale? I live in Canada where it is hard to get deals from Holt Renfrew, but how could I get the best deal on my beautiful Blake? Thanks for your advice :smile:
  2. I love my Blakes! They are a great everyday bag since they can be carried on the shoulder. The biggest complaint about them though is their weight (due to the suede lining). If you can handle that then you should definitely get it.

    Unlike LV, Marc Jacobs bags do go on sale. If you are lucky (and fast) you might be able to grab this bag during the sales in June (or at least that is when the US sales are). I should mention though that the soft calf line (which includes the Blake) sells out fast and this color seems to be very popular so you are taking a chance waiting that long to grab one.
  3. I have a black Blake w/ gold hardware and I love it. It is my favorite bag. MJ bags do go on sale but usually only in the less popular styles and colors. However, a lot of tpf members have been getting good deals on Stams lately. Since the light purple color is a recent color it may not go on sale for a while. Good luck, I hope it does go on sale for you!
  4. Thanks for all your advice :smile: Would you suggest eBay? I don't live in a city near any department stores - the closest is Holt Renfew, about 4 hours away. Should I try and call the stores in the US to get them to ship it to me? Who has MJ -- Nordstroms, Saks, Neiman Marcus... who else should I call? Thanks in advance for all your help as I am new to MJ!
  5. NM should have it, and they ship internationally I heard. They may still have lots of sale stock left because Last Call hasn't started yet.