suddenly I like the Besace!

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  1. All these months that some of you have been gushing about the Besace I've kept quiet. Honestly, I thought I really didn't like this bag. I dunno. Just didn't think that the messenger-bag idea appealed to me. Too masculine maybe? Sure it looks good on Kate Moss, but on me, I didn't think so.

    But today I was at the Chevy Chase NM, and they had lots of YSL bags.... the new small Downtowns, Muses and Majorelles in new fall colors, Easy bags, Muse IIs. (No Emmas sadly) And LOTS of Besaces.

    I tried on many different bags, but the one I was suprisingly most drawn to was the Besace. It was just so chic and hip, but comfy and effortless to wear and get in and out of at the same time. Among the Besaces, they had the grey and praline brown croco suedes, black leather, metallic, and leopard (so expensive though!) on display. I really liked the grey. I might need this bag. (And the grey Prada I wanted for fall has sold out.)


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  2. Cosmo, I've been thinking the same thing for months. I've had a love hate relationship with the besace since it came out. I didn't like the strap placement (among other things), especially since I read it was a major stress point. I also didn't like the shape at first, I thought exactly what you did: That it was stylistically unappealing. Until I saw it in this color........(Which they had at YSL in Chevy Chase).


    Too bad I just ordered another YSL. Should be here next week, in time for my birthday. ;)


    What did you think of the Emma's? Did you try them on while you were there?
  3. Did either of you try on an easy bag? any thoughts on it?
  4. me too! i love the besace!
  5. I haven't seen the Easy in real life yet. But when/if I do, I'll be sure to try it on, and let you know what I think. The things I do for tPF. :P

    I did see the 32 bag when I was there, in the peach? suede croc. It was pretty wack, especially with the branded 'Y' right in the center of it.
  6. Yea... I am not a fan of the 32 bag, maybe in plain leather. I am dying to see the easy irl. I think I might go to SCP tomorrow.
  7. The same thing happened to me. When I was at YSL a couple of weeks ago, every SA tried to talk me into getting the Besace in Anthracite Croc Nubuck, but at that time, I was just not into that bag and thought it looked weird and now I can't get it out of my head!
  8. Chinsumo, is that the darker green/blueish-green color Besace? Its very nice. Green is my fav color of all, and I've got four green bags already. I think you should consider it. Green is really such a versatile and easy to wear color. But, more importantly, happy early birthday, and what YSL bag did you order????? I look forward to your reveal (tho I'll be traveling on biz the next three weeks and will be checking in only periodically.) NM didn't have any Emmas yet. I still completely plan on buying one in red.

    NM had one Easy bag--I think the smaller satchel in black metallic?--but frankly I'm not crazy about the style, and I didn't pick it up to try it on. Guess I have too many similar-shaped satchels already and I don't care for that sewn-in "Y"; the craftsmanship just looks off to me or something.

    I liked the anthracite croc Besace best too. Its really stunning. I just wonder how it would wear and how prone to stains it would be. I recall that shazam shied away from the grey croc Catwalk because of this issue.

    ITA agree that the 32 bag is "whack," lol!

    And BTW, I tried on the Muse IIs for the first time and I thought they were ok. I wasn't as put off by the style as some others have been. I have lots of handheld bags with high-maintenance closures/locks/buckles, so it wasn't a dealbreaker for me. I liked the Muse II, but right now I'm just yearning for some easier-to-wear shoulder bags. (This mood always seems to strike me in the summer, after I get tired of lugging around my handheld bags in the DC heat for months and months...)
  9. So its just dawning on me that there are different versions of the grey sueded croco. "Anthracite" is darker than "sky anthracite," is that right? I think I like the darker one.



    And then this one on BG looks different from those two, because it has some tan shading in the middle????


    Also, I noticed that Saks is offering the Besace in that new grey pebbled leather...


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  10. It's a really cute bag! I tried it on, too, and even though I'm not really a messenger bag girl, it was very comfy and easy to wear. They have the purple nubuck one at Saks Jandel and that is a really high-impact color. I can't believe how saturated it is, it's like an electric purple, if that color existed, LOL. I actually tried the Sahara on at NM because it looked so pretty on the shelf, but it was super sparkly when I had it on and would probably be a little much for regular wear for me.

    Yeah, it was the light grey nubuck that scared me. There was already one little blemish on the strap and I could just imagine destroying it, but that's just me. I personally would go for it in a darker nubuck and I really like the darker grey that you found. It's not suede or nubuck in itself that's the problem for me, it's just that the light grey (sky anthracite) is so light that it seemed like it would stain/get marked so easily although I'm sure spraying a suede protector would help to some degree. I just think darker nubuck would handle wear and tear better.
  11. i love besace too!!!!
  12. Oh, I'm totally going to think about it. And thanks for the bday wishes:smile:. It will definitely have to wait though, because I spent way too much on this birthday bag. I'm officially on a bag ban until October. :cursing:

    About the one I just bought, I think I'd like to keep it a secret until I get it. So as to avoid any disappointment when it finally does arrive. I'm hoping for the ultimate in fabulousness though. But you'll definitely know soon enough!

    And yes, I think it is the dark blueish green that I saw at YSL in Chevy Chase. It's absolutely gorgeous, I definitely love it best in that color.
  13. Shazam, I think you're dead-on that the darker nubuc is the way to go.

    Chinsumo, I've got my fingers crossed that your new bag is the "ultimate in fabulousness," lol. Its torture waiting for a bag, isn't it?
  14. Cosmo: It definitely is a b1tch waiting for a new bag. But, I'm trying to channel my inner Zen master and remain at peace. hahaha. I just hope this new bag satisfies my bag lust for awhile. *exhales*

    Although, I did find my 'perfect' red bag. Gryson fall 2008. :girlsigh:
  15. ^Lol, gin is my inner Zen master. And we def need pics of the red Gryson. Goodnight for now! :nuts: