Suddenly, I have 2 MJ stam bags :)

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  1. Addiction is just incurable.:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    After having been hovering in this MJ forum for some time, I finally bought two stam bags, a plum elastic quilted stam (thank god, this time, i did not say "plastic"), a cashew stam hobo. And, both of them arrived yesterday!!! isn't it wonderful :nuts::nuts::nuts:

    I won the plum stam from eBay auction, so thank you all very much, girls, for your help in the "authenticating ..." thread.
    IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0762.JPG IMG_0760.JPG IMG_0763.JPG IMG_0767.JPG
  2. Congratulations!! That Plum is beautiful!!
  3. Shall I keep both of them???:love::love::love:
    stam 1.JPG stam 3.JPG stam hobo2.JPG stam hobo 1.JPG
  4. yes, keep both! I love these on you. They are both different looks. The plum stam looks amazing...
  5. They both look great on you! The plum stam is gorgeous.
  6. YES!!! Keep both. I love them both. I really like the Cashew shade and the Plum Stam is gorgeous. I have the Plum Mina, but I like the Stam even better. I love the quilted elastic leather. It is so unique. Great bags!
  7. I would definitely keep them both - altho similar, they're so different and it's nice to have a darker color and lighter color - Where did you find the Stam hobo? Gorgeous!

  8. Congrats, Such a nice colour!
  9. Yes!! They are both gorgeous!!
  10. honey, do you realize youre asking this question to the enablers of MJ collecting? :p I do love how different they are! I think you will thoroughly enjoy both. Congrats!!! :woohoo:
  11. I agree they both look different, so keepers :smile:.
  12. ITA.... KEEP them both. Beautiful.
  13. YES! Keep both.
  14. WOW. I think they both look amazing on you!!! Keep both, keep both!!!!
  15. They are both quite fantastic? I say keep both!!:okay: