suddenly i feel like buying a biarritz :(

  1. i'm not crazy about the biarritz when it came out, except for the croc one which is WAYYYY out of my league.
    but few days ago i was in an elevator when a woman in front of me carrying a biarritz and i feel like i need one LOL

    anyone who have biarritz can share their experience with this bag?
  2. Sea hi! I don't have a biarritz (and that it not because I don't like it but cause I try to catch up with the most expensive bags I have on my list first :sweatdrop:)
    it's a gorgeous everyday bag and have seen both black and peach carried by ladies on the street-they looked absolutely gorgeous and chic!I just loved it on them!:yes:
    Esp the version with the shoulder handles is so convenient for travelling too;)
  3. I love my biarritz tote! I didn't think I would because I only like leather bags.. but the bag is just so functional and cute and I really do adore it! I use it for school mostly- it fits all my books and my computer, plus extras, like a water bottle and an umbrella. It's actually a very chic bag, though I know a lot of the ladies here are not fans. I think it's subtle Chanel and very practical, and if you need a tote that you can throw around (well, throw around as much as you can throw a Chanel around... :biggrin:), then this is it for you!
  4. ^^ I still teach part time and use it for school as well. It holds everything.

    One more than one occasion, my coffee thermos spilled open... while being stored inside my bag. I don't know why I'm such a klutz with these things. Anyway, I cleaned it up with paper towels and a damp cloth and one time I used a baby wipe and it seems good as new.

    How can you not love a bag that lets you spill your coffee in it? :smile:
  5. I bought a Biarritz Hobo and it's my rainy day bag - there's no way I'm bringing out my nice lambskin or even caviar for the rain :yes:

    I think the Biarritz is pretty durable and I am actually thinking about getting the tote.
  6. LoL. Reading this post and hearing that it's durable and a good rain bag makes me want to try on a Biarritz.
  7. is there a mega-large biarrittz, or just the smaller tote (like 12inches or something).. apart from the croc version?
  8. ^^ There is a mega size but it's really for travel. It's too big, even for me... and I love a big bag.
  9. hmmm i wonder the big size hmmm....
  10. seahorse: you could definitely do the big size, i think. the "large" tote that everyone has (that retailed for $1475, which is also the one I have) is not that big. i'm used to big big big bags like the balenciaga work and the original cabas, so the pb tote is just medium. :biggrin:

  11. There is a PEACH color Biarritz? :heart: Really? I thought there was black, brown (limited edition), gold and silver.

    Does anyone know where I can find the peach? thanks!
  12. Actually it is a fabulous peach/gold metallic like colour!
    Here's the link to,click on 'paris-biarritz' under accessories (unfortunately can't copy directly)!
    when you skip the intro,it's #2,click on 'description' and you'll have the code number :smile:,2
  13. I love the look of this tote.....i've been seein a lot of them carryin the bag lately, not sure it becoz it's considered more cheaper than the leather bags...LOL

    The bag is really practical and can hold lots of things. Not forgetting it's easy to manage not like other leather bags esp lambskin.

    Anyway, i love big bags and seahorse, i think u will look good with the maxi size.
  14. thanks for the info girls :yes:
  15. i have the peach/gold tote and love it.

    It's my Chanel equivalent to my Damier speedy (it's the workhorse that u can carry around everywhere and not worry about it)

    When i was in HK, there was a mother-daughter combo, and one had the black, while the other had the gold, both in the large tote size