Suddenly Captivated by Old Style You Ignored Before?

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  1. Is it just me or does anyone else do this? I make myself CRAZY when it happens!! A style from Kooba (or other designer) that you never gave a second glance suddenly captures your attention....when it's no longer available and impossible to find new or in excellent condition, if at all!! ARG!!

    This time it's the Kooba Sydney in black. For whatever reason, it didn't really appeal to me when it came out. Now I'm obsessed!!!

    Please tell me it's not just me!! :weird:
  2. KoobaMe, I could have written the same post as you, word for word. It is me to a tee. I have done this so many times, it drives me crazy. I've gone through most of the older Kooba styles and now I'm eyeing up the Jimmy Choo Riki and Mahala in 'previous colors', but they're not easy to find. It's the story of my life. However, the good news is I generally find what I'm lusting after or else the lust emigrates to another 'hard to find' bag.

    I don't ever need to go on a bag ban because I can never find what I want, when I want it, so that keeps my purchases down.
  3. Count me in too! Especially with the older Kooba's, there are several I would still like to have. I've run the gamut with other brands/designers, but some of the older Kooba's are still calling me! I look for them, when I have time, but it always seems either I miss them completely, or don't have the funds at the time they are available. Ahhh, such is life!
  4. High Five! My thoughts for a long, long time...
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    I'd love to find a Emma in leather or an Alex in Black. Only have seen one of each ever.
    I sometimes think about a Paige or an original Natasha. I say original because I can bet my bottom dollar that the new Natashas will not have the same leather as their predecessors.

    Don't fret about the Sydney. I had the Black one and sold it. It was quite an odd bag. It had 12 !!!!! outer pockets (each pocket had an outside zipper pocket). Anyway, I used it a couple of days and after I spent the majority of time trying to figure out where what I wanted was, I gave up. I thought the pockets would provide organization but only if you could figure out which pocket was which.
  6. 12???? OMG! Even my stuff would get lost! I almost nabbed a wheat one on ebay just to check it out and see if the Major Love would be abated once I saw one in person, but I don't care for the Wheat color so I didn't. Knowing me, I'll obsess until I find one.... and I'll either love it too pieces or sell it shortly after receiving it. LOL

    The last time I did this was with the Paige. Stumbled across a black one in perfect condition with oxidation on the brass plates. And then sold it because I hadn't carried it for awhile.... and regretted it the moment I mailed it. Now I can't find one in the same condition at a price I want to pay. Bleah. :girlsigh:

    I'm so glad it's not just me..... *whew*!
  7. I've done that too. Sometimes I think when I actually see the bag in action that changes my mind. Just to see it in print I may not give the bag a chance and not care for it.
  8. LOL..Yep I know that feeling.
    Im dying for a Black Lena but they seem to be extinct! I did have one in Bark a year ago and I sold it. I loved the design and the thickness of the leather and I really want one in black now.

    But can I find it...?:shrugs:
  9. Me too. I bought a champagne/mocha Renee, carried it a couple of times, then sold it and shortly thereafter wished I still had her. Luckily one turned up on ebay for a really good price because it had some major ink marks in the lining but I figured no one would see them but me. I got them out with hairspray and Renee looks wonderful and is still happily sitting in her dust bag on my closet shelf. I'll give her a couple carries in the Fall. Same thing with the auburn Brynne. I wasn't that crazy about the Parker initially, but the ink one has turned out to be one of my favorite bags.
  10. Hi nunnla,

    Question for you: have you treated your Parker Ink with any leather products yet? If so, what did you use, I'm hesitant to treat the bag because I paid so darn much for it, I'll slit my throat if I hurt it in any way.

  11. She's been treated with Wilson's TLC. I actually got her from another TPF member who had already treated her. I've given her one single treatment since then. If you don't have Wilson's store in your area, you can get it at Wilson's online. It costs $8 for a 4 oz. pump spray bottle. The first time, you need to do a double treatment. Just spray evenly on all outer surfaces, including the handles and band around the top of the interior. Try not to get it on the lining, but it really won't hurt it if a little gets there. It will darken because the bag is wet. Let it dry 2-3 hours, then do a repeat treatment and let dry again. Once dry, it will return to the original color and is ready to use. I do a single treatment annually for maintenance. Wonderful stuff. I carried my black Sienna to a business conference in Orlando a couple years ago this time of year. The first night I was there, I met some colleagues at a restaurant that was adjacent to the hotel. Long walkway from hotel to restraurant had a tarp. Got outside to find a summer thunderstorm raging - pouring rain and 20 MPH winds. Got soaked and my bag looked like I had thrown her in the pool. When I got back to the hotel, I took everything out, dried her off, pull the lining up out of the bag and set her on the A/C unit ledge by the room window. Left her there for 3 days. When I left, she had dried out and still looked new You'd never know what she'd been through. Doesn't she look great (see attached)? Wonderful stuff. Lexie put me on to it and I've used it on all my bags ever since. Here's the link to get it online.

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  12. Thanks so much for the help, I do have Wilson's TLC on hand, just haven't used it on anything yet. Your Sienna looks wonderful!
  13. Yep, I know just what you mean and it happens to me from time to time. Right now I want a Kooba Natasha in Ink and I'd also like a Lena in Bark. I also want a few Marc Jacobs in hard to find colors that aren't anywhere anymore!
  14. ^^ I did the same thing with the Lena - suddenly I needed one in either black, honey or bark but could never get my hot little hands on one! :girlsigh:
  15. What do you all think of the Sienna? I have a great bag from BE coming for most days, but I want a kind of cool Boho chic bag and thought a black smooth leathered Sienna might just be what I'm looking for. I would love to hear what your thoughts are on that bag?