Sudden weight gain, what could it be??

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  1. I have been around 110-111 lbs basically for most of my adult life (I'm 23 and 5'4"), suddenly I weigh 115 which has lasted for the past 2 weeks. I haven't changed my diet at all (I eat whatever I want, but in reasonable portions, nothing is off-limits). I have actually started running about 2.5 weeks ago, maybe 3-4 miles per week. I used to exercise regularly on an elliptical trainer, but quit about 3 months ago and have only recently started exercising again. Could the weight gain be muscle or is my metabolism starting to give out on me... Any ideas? :confused1: TIA!!! :heart:
  2. sounds like muscle gain, but sometimes in the winter i pack on about 5 lbs out of no where, to help keep me warm- i think this is a natural thing the body does.. i am on the east coast
  3. Ok, don't worry, i understand that your diet and all hasn't changed and you've maintained the same weight for a period of time. The only difference is that you're doin something great for your body and it sounds like you're trying to be healthy. So, from what i suspect based on a small synopsis of your lifestyle, the sudden weight gain is definitely from working out. I know how you feel and i've been in your shoes before. I know you're probably not working out to lose weight (doesn't seem like it by just reading your post), but just to share with you, when i started working out, i was doing it to try and lose weight but as the weeks passed, i was so confused on how i was able to still gain weight even though i was eating less and exercising more.... yeah, it has hit me now that it must be the muscle mass that i've gained, muscle mass is pretty dense.

    As of right now, i haven't been working out for a while because i was sick for the past few months, and i've lost a lot of weight. I mean a lot, like 15 lbs. I use to run almost 10+ miles a week and i'm sure that contributed a lot to my weight. I'm thinking of doing some weight training and i'm sure i'd gain some of that weight i've lost.

    Anyways, if you want more of a scientific explanation to your problem, fat mass actually takes up a lot more space than muscle mass, so, the reason why you weigh more and it probably doesn't show (i don't know if this is true for you, but it is for most people) is because you've gained muscle.
  4. You're gaining muscle and that weighs more then fat...... No worries over time it will all equal out.
  5. It actually sounds like water weight. Your muscles are retaining water since you are working out more. It will even out in a few weeks, just keep drinking water!
  6. i agree with legacygirl - muscle weight and water retention in the muscles. the first week i started working out, i gained a pound, but lost it and 2.5 more pounds this week. :yes:
  7. Interesting on the water retention in the muscles, i never knew about that...well....lean muscle does contain about 70% or more water...duh..i just never thought about it in terms of water retention.