Sudden twist of events...


Jun 30, 2011
Ok. So I bought the Epi Pochwtte Accessories because I wanted a small overnight sized toiletry bag. ( btw, I'm a guy and everything I have is Graphite, Damier Infini Onyx or black Epi). It was too big for me to use every day and too small for an overnight toiletry bag. Ok, it would work with all the small travel size toiletries I found at the drugstore but I couldn't justify spending 500+ on a Pochwtte to hold $16 of drugstore toiletries.
So I was returning it. But THEN, I noticed a problem with my everyday bag, the Graphite Daniel. It needs to go LV fur repair. So u would send them in together.
So today I used my Tadao which doesn't have as many pockets and compartments as the Daniel. My S*** was splattered everywhere and it made me crazy. So I've decided to keep the Pochette because it worked perfectly to wrangle my stuff. Will come in handy when I just use the Tadao.

Has anyone else every not liked a purchase because it didn't work for their intended use but the find a completely different use that was perfect?

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~Totes & Pockets~
Oct 5, 2011
Yes. The pochette. I bought it to use as a crossbody bag (with my eva strap) or as a small purse to run errands but I found it was too small to fit what I needed.
I had it stored and then I decided to try to use it (b/c it is too expensive to sit in my closet) and now I use it to organize all the little things in my bag (paper, pens, feminine products, nail cutter etc.) Now, I couldn't go with out it.