Sudden overwhelming urge to collect dolces?

  1. I do not what happened to me but I got this really overwhelming urge to collect dolces in pirata, inferno, spiaggia, foresta, citta, citta rosa.......but I can't seem to find any and when I do they are all above retail. :sad: Anyone know why dolces are so hard to find and where can I satisfy my strange "craving" ?:p
  2. aww I don't know where to find any dolces. The only ones I've seen IRL have been arancia ones at Filene's.
  3. i think like the denaros they sell first 'cause they are one of the lower-priced bags.. plus it's a nice simple shape :p i'd say just keep checking on eBay.. you never know when you'll find a good deal.
  4. dolces are one of my fav styles. it's small but holds a good amount and the print isn't broken up.

    you might have a hard time finding citta/citta rosa, inferno, and foresta dolces though, I have seen them being resold on eBay and LJ but not very often.

    good luck!
  5. Are you a member of LJ? Cause when you buy/sell/trade on there you can get a decent price. I have both bought and sold and have been very satisfied with everyone that I've had a transaction with. I always go there before I go to eBay.
  6. there's a citta dolce on LJ :dothewave:
  7. I do like the shape a lot, even though some say that it kinda sag when filled with stuff. But I don't mind coz it's just the right size for me - I don't really like to carry a lot when out.:p

    I am still kicking myself for not getting those forestas on ebay a while back. Hope they come back soon with a reasonable price.

    I am on LJ under ml5 and have just put up a couple of postings to sell/trade my bags (hopefully for some nice dolces;)) and another looking for dolces....not much luck though.:sad: Saw a couple of dolces on LJ but they do not have the placement I want. Dolces with my perfect placement make them doubly hard to find. :sad:

    tehlilone : I have replied to your email.:smile:
  8. mytokiluv: lol.. so now you've a new mission to collect dolces - they're really cute. yea, i have to agree they're so hard to find (esp. in singapore stores). i'll keep a lookout for you and buzz you if i come across any.
  9. I tried to join the LJ shoptokidoki forum, but was denied membership! Don't know why.
  10. Dolces are great little bags! I'm a big bag girl and I had a Dolce in Cammo Black (that I sold) and now I have one in Inferno.

    I hope you can find the ones you're looking for!

    And as for the LJ shoptokidoki community, did you read all of the rules? You have to reply to the friends only post with a certain word or something. That might work.
  11. Dolces are nice, but I just got through selling all of mine. Only because I'm focusing more on the larger bags and the really small items like Portas and Bocces. For the money, Dolces are nice though because the print is uninterrupted and it's a simple style and it's one of the least expensive Tokidoki bags.
    Good luck in your hunting.:smile:
  12. I love Dolces! I have it in cammo playground olive, Foresta, and Amore. =)
  13. crazygirl : Since I am not into any of the new prints, thought I should set a mission for myself to collect the dolces in the older prints lol.:wlae:Thanks for helping me keep a lookout. :p

    alatrop : An inferno dolce...lucky girl! Hope I find one too.;)

    angelic*ruin : have no more dolces to sell?....:sad: But I do agree with you about the dolces being great value for the price we pay.:yes:

    bedhead63 : Hmmm....foresta and amore dolces...nice. Would love to see pics of your bags. :p
  14. mytokiluv: oh i just recall that envii was helping many ladies here get foresta/citta/CR bags from KL sale in late may. not sure if the bags are still available, you might want to check with her again? the pics. she sent me then included one of a CR dolce (UP: RM380).... so, no harm trying? ;)
  15. hehe i also have a thing for collecting dolces..but i have more ciaos than dolces :p so far the dolces i have are just foresta, inferno, lamore and adios...still looking for tan pg, op, paradiso, spiaggia :biggrin: i had the option of buying the famiglia, but im not digging the print right i pass :lol: good luck on your search!