Sudden Craving?

  1. I think it's safe to say that for most people, the Hermes bag craving is usually a Birkin or Kelly, however, has any of you ever experience a sudden change in craving for no reasons?

    Take me for example ... I've always been a Kelly girl and most of the time I crave more Kellys in pink exotic leathers. Then lately it turned to Birkin cravings because I've had such a rough time landing one. And then just NOW I suddenly have this very strong craving for a fuchsia ostrich Bolide 31cm!! I mean, I still crave my kelly and birkins but for some odd reasons, the Bolide craving is suddenly very strong.
    Anyone ever experience something similar or am I just plain weird?
  2. no it is not weird at all i always was a bolide trim kelly birkin girl and didn´t like the p-b for a long time. but since a few days i sooo want one in one of the new colours same aplies for the jpg kelly clutch first it was okay now it is hot
  3. Not at all weird... I was 100% kelly girl, then a couple of years ago I went birkin crazy, :tender: and have bought almost every one I saw! What helped this switch probably was my husband:love: ...he really likes the birkin, (kelly does nothing for him), and comes up with suggestions what color/combo I should get next! When we visit a city with hermes, he :heart: insists we go and look at the store selection right away! He is a very supportive hermes enabler!:lol:
  4. Oooh, does your husband have any male relatives or family members who are between 25 to 30? I'm working on converting my SO but it has been a long and arduous task.:lol:
  5. Kou, you are not weird at all...your are just broadening your tastes as time moves along. My forst love was the Kelly, then to the Birkin, and I also have been interested in the Paris Bombay. I always flip around, but I love so many bags that Hermes produces...finding the the right one is the hard part.
  6. Sorry, a sister 34 and a uncle, 72, but he is single!:nuts:
  7. rich? ill? :graucho:

    sorry couldn´t resist and of course i hope that he is doing very fine healthwise :flowers:
  8. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    For some strange reasons when you mentioned the 72-year-old uncle, I was reminded of Uncle Edgar from "Le Divorce".
  9. I loooove the Bolide and I'm trying to figure out whether or not I want to get the Trim. Part of me am hoping that I won't like any other styles yet the other part of me KNOWS that I just LOVE Hermes and anything they come out with is absolutely fab!
  10. I don't blame you for asking...owns some real estate, retired, has a few health problems...but he does have a full head of hair!:girlsigh: :love: :tender:
    (just kidding):lol:
  11. :lol:
  12. If you only want ostrich, and you carry more than keys lipstick and wallet, you may not like the trim for it's "flatness", I have only seen the trim in the very thin, basically no depth at all in ostrich, and as soon as you put something in, it just bulges open, and does not stay on the shoulder, it was making me nuts :hysteric: when I tried it at the store..just could not make it work. I think I will have to wait untill they make it with the gusset in ostrich before I could use it.
  13. They don't make Trim II in ostrich?! That's such a bummer! I was planning on only getting them with the gusset too.:sad: Ok, I guess I'll get the ostrich Bolide 31cm before I go with Trim then. How much is it going for right now? I heard it's over 11K in the U.S., is it cheaper elsewhere in the world?
  14. My cravings right now are torn between a Bolide and a Trim.
  15. I have a sudden craving for a Garden Party...for the longest time I wanted "something leather" only but now all of a sudden I changed. :lol: I mean I still want a Kelly but I want a GP right now! :tender: