Sudden Burning Need ~help~

  1. I have a sudden burning desire for a signature Legacy Shoulder Bag...

    Be honest...

    Is your shoulder bag like a little slice of Heaven on Earth ??????
    11140 legacy sig black.jpg
    I have that exact one in the picture and the whiskey leather one too and I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes babbbiieee:love::love:
  4. I bought the '06 version in khaki/ebony, but I've been telling myself the drop is too short, I don't need another sig bag blah blah blah... yet I couldn't bring myself to let her go. So after 6 weeks I finally decided to keep her this morning. Anyway point of my rambilng is YES, I think it's beautiful, classy, and a keeper :tup:
  5. yes it is! i love legacy, i have the '06 whiskey shoulder bag.
  6. Oh voodoo! The legacy shoulder is one of the best Coach makes. Yep:yes: you neeeeed this bag, it so comfy, cute and fits lots of coach goodies:graucho:
  7. I cant wait to get my shoulder bag. Dh is going to buy me the new gardina/dark brown leather one. Hopefully I will get lose the weight to get one.
  8. I have an '06 legacy shoulder bag in khaki/ebony as well. It is a classic that I will NEVER get rid of!! It is a beautiful handbag. I used mine for like 6 months straight!!!! And the best thing--it still looks fantastic! I don't know how this years models are, but on mine, the whole bottom is leather, which makes it very durable!!
  9. OMG I knew it.

  10. This is the bag (leather, 2006) that I am going to reward myself WHEN (not if) I lose my 50 lbs.. I can't wait!!!!!!
  11. :lol::tup:
  12. I have this bag in black leather, and it is just gorgeous. One of my favorites, plus that Legacy lining is just delicious!!
  13. Voodoo, i totally agree with you!! I have been debating over whether or not I should get a new legacy shoulder bag. I would really love one in Gardenia!! Does anyone have it in this color and be willing to post a pic/model for me to see? Maybe this will help me to decide although I think I might have already :amuse:
  14. LOVE IT!!!! I have the exact same on in the pic and it has been my everyday bag since I got it!!!!
  15. hehehe...we should form a club! I also have the '06 version of this in khaki/ebony and it is one of my absolute FAVES! It goes with everything, holds anything and just looks plain fab-u-lous! I always get compliments on cannot go wrong...GIVE IN TO YOUR DESIRES! :graucho: