Sudden Bad Acne... HELP!

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  1. I've been under a lot of stress lately, and I think it's caused my sudden acne breakout (coupled with a pretty large weight loss). Does anyone have any advice for getting my lovely complexion back? It's been like this for about a month and it's painful and itchy on top of being "not fun" to look at.

    I wash my face every night and make sure that I remove any makeup that I'm wearing, but I can't seem to buck it. It's embarrassing and up until a month or so ago, I had really pretty skin. I'm looking for any advice on alleviating the pain/itching and on making the acne go away.

    Thanks in advance ladies!
  2. Acne doesn't itch. Are you sure this is not some type of allergic reaction? I would see a dermatologist. There is a possibility that a product or makeup you are using is causing your sking to flare up.
    Good luck.
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    Actually acne could itch, it's the inflammation. I had a 6 month period where I had very bad acne. Like you I had a great complexion and then because of all the stress I was under (law school) I started breaking out very very badly. My acne itched too, and the dermatologist told me it's the inflammation that's causing it to itch.

    I would stay away from harsh cleansers, use something like cetaphil. Also make sure to gently exfoliate once or twice a week to get all the dead skin off. I recommend Kiehl's overnight biological peel. It's gentle but effective. Also try sensitive skin lines like Avene. They're also effective if not more effective than acne products.

    Unfortunately my acne persisted so much that there was nothing I could do but see the derm. Since that was my first time seeing a derm, I was prescribed antibiotics and retin-a to start with. I'm still on the retin-a but finished the antibiotics. My skin completely cleared up within 3 months. Since school has started though I've been breaking out a little again. But it's not the cystic acne I used to have and the retin-a immensely speeds up the healing process.

    I would say wait a bit and if it gets worse, then go to the derm. You might be lucky and it'll clear up on its own. I only say this because your skin has to get used to retin-a (super dry skin in the interim) and the anti-biotics make you nauseous.
  4. I used to use Benzaclyn from the dermatologist back in high school and it worked like a charm. I had clear skin for years up until last year I started breaking out again. Went to the dermo and got the same cream as before but this time it didn't work for some reason. After months of using it and hoping it would start working... I gave up and wanted to try something else. I decided to try Pro-Activ and worked. My skin cleared up pretty quickly!
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    I've used all the products that I could get my hands on so I won't recommend any products since they never really helped. I only use natural remedies, it may or may not work for you, but I've been doing this for two years (ever since I started using Clarisonic which was a birthday present that was two years ago) and got positive result. I went from severe break out to no break out -- even during that time of the month but I do get an occasional acne every 2-3 months (not sure, I'm not counting since it's not noticeable anyways).

    You need to open your pores, one way is to take a pot of boiling water (be careful), place your face about a foot over it and take a large towel to cover up your head and pot so the steam is hitting your face to open your pores. Or, take a towel and dip it in luke warm water and lay it flat covering your entire face. Then, take a lime and cut it into wedges/ slices and wipe it all over your face as you would with face wash. Let it "marinate" on your face for 10-15 minutes. If you have a Clarisonic, use that to wash it off if you do not have one just massage your face using your hands and rinse with warm water.

    I don't know the reason why it works, but it the acid in the lime does wonders! These lime are grown naturally in my back yard no hormones or any of those icky stuff. From my understanding something about the acid in the lime helps kill bacteria :shrug: I don't know the technical side to it, I just know it works for me.

    I also know BCP helps regulate acne in a lot of females, if that's something you would consider.

    Before trying anything, just make sure it's actually acne and not an allergic reaction.
  6. Thanks ladies!! I'm going to start with the natural recommendations and move on from there. If it's not gone shortly after the stressor is out of my life, I'll probably have to go see a dermatologist. I'm fairly certain it's not an allergic reaction; I've never had one before, but nothing in my regime has changed. I laid off of all make-up for a while, but that didn't seem to help.

    I appreciate all your suggestions! Hopefully something will clear it up soon!
  7. Also, hormone fluctuations can be affected by stress , and so can affect flair ups. If you have recently changed up medications that could do something too.
  8. I just wanted to bump this thread for you OP because as I mentioned before I started breaking out again (I had 5 active breakouts, all but two cystic ones have completely healed) and I healed really quickly by minimizing the amount of products I put on my skin.

    Basically I only cleansed my face once a day with cetaphil after moving my makeup with makeup remover, and before I go to bed I use Bioderma (this is such an amazing product. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on it. I got mine from Amazon) as my cleanser. Then I spot treat with retin-a (you can use any spot treatment though) and I don't even use moisturizer. I lightly sprayed Caudalie's beauty elixir if it was too tight however. I think the key is being really minimal with products because you don't want to further irritate your skin. I did this for about 3-4 days and my skin has pretty much cleared up.
  9. I don't think I'd never use anything a dermatologist prescribes. There are numerous studies on Accutane, Tazorac and so on that show how dangerous they, also a lot of ongoing lawsuits on them out there. I agree with a previous poster who suggested a mild cleanser. I use the Biologique Recherche lait vip 02 followed by P50 lotion (actually a toner) and creme dermopurifiane. Those products together have worked wonders for me. The great thing about them is they are natural and have no perfumes added.