Sucky manager CS at carlsbad outlet re: PCE

  1. I just have to rant! I dont have a PCE card but i called the coach store and they were so nice, they simply told me to come right in and if i was on the system they would let me have the discount.

    Now theres the satchel I was wanting from the outlet stores so i called the outlet to check again (called a few days ago and they said no, but a PFer said yes). The manager I spoke to didn't just say no. I explained the situation how I saw something i liked i didnt have a card but since the coach store allowed me to use the discount if she would also. She didn't just say no... she continued to lecture me in a terribly derogatory manner. She said "I don't understand, so you dont have a card but you want to use the 25% discount at our factory location where our prices are already marked down?" "Your calling so you obviously are fully aware that you don't have the card btu you want to come here and get the discount WITHOUT the card?" Her tone of voice was condescending and she obviously understood what i was asking. I said I was simply asking if they would honor it the same way the coach store had. (I shop at coach frequently but didnt get a card) She continued lecturing me and implying that I was out of my mind to even ask and made me feel terrible for trying to get a discount on the $400 satchel. :crybaby: She could have said a simple no instead of implying that i was completely out of line to even ask. ARGHHH!! She was just so mean. She could have just said no.

    So.... in spite of her and in love for my fellow tPFers ... YES!!! PCE IS VALID AT THE CARLSBAD LOCATION.... as long as you have the actual card!!!!! If anyone is going to carlsbad today (I'm leaving SD Monday) please private message me if you want to share and we can excahnge #s.
  2. wow. the pce card specifically says it isnt valid at outlets!! too bad yesterday was my due date, i so would drive out there if i wasnt afraid i'd go into labor!
  3. ^congratulations!!! =)
  4. Sorry you had to endure an obviously rude (and PMSing) SA!:cursing:

    Now you are a TRUE Coach lover! :yahoo:LOL

    **HUGS** and congrats on the upcoming baby!

  5. So PCE is now valid in Outlets???
  6. It's not suppose to be but apparently that outlet is. I was talking with the store manager that did my interview and she said that outlet store manager could get in big trouble for letting customers use the PCE discount at the outlets. So I would do it sooner than later if you live close to that outlet!
  7. ^^^Yeah, I know!! I called the Outlet before PCE to check if they have the bag that I'm stalking (denim sig. stripe satchel) because I might've gotten it at a better price there. A super sweet Sa checked and told me no. I love our outlet and wouldn't want to get anyone in trouble...
  8. This is the difference. You can say "no" in a way without being rude or lecturing. Shame on that SA who lectured the NEVER ever ever make a customer feel guilty or ashamed about asking a question. :tdown:
  9. ^^^No doubt about it!!!
  10. ^^ Thanks guys! I went to another outlet store and the 2 managers were much nicer and I ended up getting the bag I had been wanting for a very long time. It was a very positive experience. =)

    As for the Carlsbad manager, from her attitude and the things she said I would guess that she must have recieved orders from someone of a higher rank to allow use of the PCE card at her store if a customer showed up with one but she herself was very unhappy and upset about that (maybe because of a quota?). It seemed as if she had her way she wouldn't allow ANYONE to use it but for some reason she HAD to let people with the card use it. Thus she vented all that frustration on me when I asked her about it. Terrible manager! A simply kind no would have been sufficient.