SUCK, Swallow Or CHEW ???

  1. Ok, ladies and gents ... get your mind out of the gutter LOL! It's not what you think!

    Poster will name some kind of food from anywhere in the world (bugs and animal parts/or in whole, included) and you answer whether you want to:

    SUCK - because you like it so much you want it to last!:graucho:

    SWALLOW - because it tastes awful you want to get it over with!:throwup:

    CHEW - because you just have to!:yucky:

    For example: Almonds - chew

    Just keep it PG 13 peeps! :police:

    I'll start ...

  2. Suck!

  3. suck

  4. Chew.

    Tic Tac?
  5. Suck

    raw oysters?
  6. RAW?! Eww, swallow.

    Cow tongue?

    Worm? (lol)
  8. Swallow

    Madagascar Roaches?
  9. Eww, chew. :yucky:

    Onion, as in ONLY an onion.
  10. Swallow....I hate onions!! gross....

    Cow brain?
  11. Eck! Swallow very quickly!

    A whole jalapeno pepper?
  12. swallow

    Chocolate Cake?
  13. Chew!

  14. Chew

    Curry Chicken?
  15. Chew.

    Frog legs?