Such helpful TPFers!!

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  1. I was a bit lazy to search for the "share how other tpfers helped you..." thread.. hey, its 9am for me :P

    Anywho. Yesterday's trenino/foresta threads made me really REALLY REALLY REALLY want a foresta trenino! After much PMing and emailing with hoot and leen, I found out that TokiliciousJenY was going there today with her BF!! Did a whole lot of PMing there and was iffy about getting the trenino because it was the only one left and Jen was going later on in the day. Plus~ the saleeee~ (I'm such a dork when it comes to sales..) Thank you Jen for offering to check for me!! I hope your BF gets the trenino he wants! :smile:

    PMed Julicrystal late late last night (sorry about that!) and I got a PM this morning saying that Julie got the trenino for me! :nuts: Julie, you are soooo lucky you only live like, 5 minutes away! Thanks so much!! :heart:

    Thank you THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that had to deal with me yesterday!! You guys are so fantastic and helpful!! I cant wait for it! I'll resize the pics Julie sent me later and post it up!

    Ohh! And MamaxJam I'm so sorry for PMing you accidently!! Got the wrong "mama" there :P

    I'll come back to TPF later today.. I only had 3.5 hrs of sleep last night.. I hope I'm not dreaming about all this!!

    Later gators~!
  2. LOL, crazy girl! You got a trenino? What ya gonna do with it? hahahahaha. You're not moving too eh? lol.
  3. so glad that it worked out! yahoo for TPF'rs!!!!:yahoo:
  4. Very cool! What a great community we have here :heart:
  5. everyone is so nice and helpful, agreed!

  6. Oh i'm so glad you were able to get the Trenino Dana! Yeah that was pretty funny last night! I'm here PM'ing you, Juliecrystal, tokiliciousJeny haha!! I did that inbetween my laptop, blackberry, and watching Pirates at the theaters last night!! LOL... Sorry if i gave you the wrong Mama!!

    I need to bookmark that thread too (thanking TPFers). Wonder if it can it be a sticky...

    My latest thanks to envii_tokii for finding my Foresta Caramella!! And she's clear around the other side of the world!!!!

    Tpfers are the best! :tup:
  7. Leen, Congrats..I bet is has some monkeys on it for you to be interested in it !
  8. Julie you're know our print placements! LOL..
  9. haha congrats! that was a cute story... hehe
  10. It is really nice of all of you to help others who don't have access to such great bargains. :smile:
  11. Sorry, I forgot to mention a thanks (because I was dead tired this morning LOL) to tokidokicouture for letting me purchase her Original Black BV and Angioletto!! Still waiting for it to come in but THANK YOU!! You were so patient with me!! (I'm a paypal newbie/idiot)

    Leen - You did all that while watching Pirates at the theaters?!?! :wtf: Ahhhh I'm so sorry if I was bothering you!! Did you get to watch the movie at all? :sad: I hope you did!!
  12. Dang Dana, youre just buying toki left and right huh? LOL.
  13. LOL Jess just the ones on sale :shame: hehehe

    And you know what? I dont know what I'm gonna do with it!! Haha I still didnt get to use my inferno trenino yet!! But I'm thinking about saving that one for school in the Fall.. that is, if I need to carry lots. If not, I'm using the BV!! :biggrin:

    Hopefully I'll get to go on a trip (even a small one!!) this year and use at least one of my treninos.. My friends and I are thinking about going to the neighbor island in June/July and Disneyland/NY/Boston during winter break! IDK.. I feel weird having to "plan" when I use my bags LOL
  14. haha dana! not literally.. but while waiting in line i had my blackberry on and i was pming then, made it go by fast! Then during trailers, i had it on.. but during the movie.. i can feel the phone vibrate when i'd get an alert from TPF.. so i'd be checking it. It was fine! I watched the movie but it was so dang late cuz it was the last showing.. lol No bother at all.. that was my choice.. i'm a nerd that way too haha
  15. hahaha I'm glad you had something to do while you wait in line! My bf has a blackberry and I always use it when we're waiting for stuff. I kinda want to get a pearl for myself :shame: hehe but noooo must save money for tokis :lol: I'm a dork/nerd too~ haha