Such guilt about calling into work; is it a generation thing?

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  1. ^^ No, seriously!! I worked for a company that gave you paid time off, but if you didn't use all of your sick days by the end of the fiscal year, then you lost them completely. Pfffffffft!!!!! :beach: < Me....on a sick day!
  2. I am in my mid 20's and i hate to call in sick. I called in sick once last year because I had a fever and I can not perform my work properly with a fever. I was actually at work the day before and started to feel really light headed all of a sudden almost like I was going to pass out and I had a really bad cough. I have another friend that calls in sick all the time at least once or twice a month and sometimes more(she also gets paid time off)...she has been pulled in for a talk a few times
  3. I absolutely hate it at my current job - I don't want anyone else to have to take on my responsibilities for any period of time, and I enjoy my work and don't want to miss it. The company I work at is very small, I love the people that I work with and for, and I don't want to inconvenience them at all.

    I've been very, very sickly as of late, however. My tonsils are basically poisoning me, and I've had five infections since November. Being sick like that makes me really motion sick and light sensitive, and working on my computer makes me want to throw up as a result. So even though I work from home, I still end up taking a few days off so that I can stay away from the computer. I'm getting my tonsils out next week, though, so hopefully the days I call in for that will be the last for a long time.

    I think my attitude about calling in is because of how much I love my job - when I worked retail in college, I didn't feel guilty at all as long as I was actually sick. I was only one person, and with how many people worked in the store (I worked at Best Buy), I knew that they'd be able to shift someone over for a couple of hours if my department got busy or something. I didn't have an intellectual connection to the work I was doing, so it didn't matter if someone else had to fill in.
  4. Not really....I work in the evenings, weekends, and on my vacations. So odds are if I call in sick it's because I'm near death...and I'll probably still answer all my email...just from the comforts of my bed!