Such guilt about calling into work; is it a generation thing?

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  1. i dont think its generational, i think its just part of your personality. more assertive, work centric people are the kind of people that feel guilty for calling in. people that dont care about their work dont care if theyre not there either.
  2. I know how you feel, I also feel guilty about calling into work about being sick. Or even if I am already at work and not feeling well I feel bad about leaving early, btw I am 19.
  3. i am not ashamed to calling in sick if i am really sick.....legally i am allowed to take sick leave 5 days a year.
    i recall two years ago...there was this project on consturction and i had to work while i was very sick...even on the phone the clients felt bad for me...but i bet they were thinking "hey...pls wrap things up before you collapse...."

    i am 38
  4. i also hated it especially with the 2 jobs i had, i had no that means that i usually came back to work to a HUGE mess and had to dig myself out of a hole. but when i was sick i was sick...or there were other my house had gotten broken into. fun stuff!
  5. I hate doing it too.

    But try to dig your car out from piles of snow using what you can and scatching the paint in the process, to finding a hairline crack in your windshield, then later on your back is killing you from all the shoveling...all that just to get stuck on the hill with half the neighbors coming out to pull your car out!

    it was a long day yesterday. lol
  6. It's actually quite the opposite where I work. All of the "older" people call in sick a lot (use their max 80 hours a year), it seems. I call in 3-4 times a year, tops, and feel guilty every time. I'm in my mid-20s and the ones I'm referring to are in the mid-40s and up. :shrugs:
  7. I don't feel guilty about doing it. I get 5 "use or lose" sick days a year and you bet I am going to use them!
  8. I'm 19 and I hateee it! I've only had to miss work once this semester and it was for an absolutely mandatory meeting for the med school I'm going to next year, so I had a very legit excuse. Still, I must have apologized like 20 times to my boss. She even said to me "wow you're my only employee who cares about missing this much." I think its because I was raised like that, since most of my generation doesn't seem to care.
  9. I feel terrible about calling in to work sick when I'm really sick or because of the weather. I'm not sure why since I'm not really happy with my job, but there's just something about it that makes me feel guilty too...I'm 25.
  10. I only feel bad about it when I'm calling in sick b/c I call the Dr (boss) first, then it's my job to find someone who does my position to work my shift. After that's done I don't care I don't feel guilty anymore.

    I hate working honestly. I've been working since I was 15 and I'm now on my way to being 21. I like the money, but I just hate working especially at a hospital where we're open no matter what!
  11. I think it just means you have a good work ethic and you care about your appearance. I also hate calling in sick. I just value my job and don't want to look like I'm bailing out... but we do have to remember we are only human.
  12. I work "for" my SO now, but when I was working for 'the man' (lol!) I never felt guilty about calling in....EVER!

    However, I did get anxious about running into someone when Im out shopping the days I've called in! :P

    Im kidding! I've never called in for something that I didnt really need to call in for. But, I really never felt guilty about it, thats for sure.

    Im 23 BTW.
  13. I'm 24 and have been at my current job for 5 years now. The only time I've been absent is when I had to get a biopsy done and when I take my vacation days. I feel guilty about calling in.
  14. I'm laaaaate 20's and don't feel particularly guilty - the main goal is to keep my job and maximize my earnings, so if it doesn't hurt that, I don't feel bad. Plus, my employer is super flexible about when we come in and when we leave as long as we make billables, but calling in sick for more than one day in a row is guaranteed to put you on the black list until you work your way back off of it. And that's if you showed up sick and dying for 3 days before you called in, just to confirm that you were really ill. Its a good place otherwise, though, so its a trade-off. I rarely call in sick, less out of guilt and more out of fear.

    They let you work pantsless!! Are you sure this doesn't belong in the strip club thread? :P
  15. lol