Such a sweet SA!

  1. Congrats on your beautiful new bag! That is definately a wonderful SA!
  2. Thank you!
  3. It's the LV Boutique in Bloomingdales located in White Plains (Westchester County). Is this near you?

    I highly recommend this location! There is a larger LV in the Westchester Mall down the road but I prefer the boutique in Bloomie's! Such a great atmosphere and fantastic employees!
  4. Thank you everyone for letting me share! It's so important to share the "good" as well as the "bad" ;) xo
  5. so sweet!!
  6. I have received thank you cards as well and like to send the SAs cards as well. It is a nice gesture and I like to return the gestures well.
  7. That's a great idea, thank you! I think I will do just that ;)
  8. Nice! He's wonderful
  9. Congrats on the bag! And what a thoughtful SA. I feel like I miss out on this type of thing, doing most of my LV shopping online!
  10. Aww, what a sweet and thoughtful SA!
  11. Thank you! Yea I have often thought about ordering online for convenience but I actually really enjoy the shopping experience and fortunately I live 15 minutes from two stores.
  12. oh! what a sweet touch!!! congrats! and happy belated birthday:smile:
  13. Thats a sweet SA
  14. Thank you!