Such a bumb butt!

  1. I was so excited when I saw a Cherry Josephine in good condition that I didn't pay attention to the size :nuts: ... I just got it this morning and it's so small (PM)... :sad: I had to relist it... I hope I don't get stuck with a bag I know I won't use... I am so mad at myself for not paying attention to the details of the listing :cursing: Has this ever happened to any of you? or am I the only dumb butt?!?!?!?!
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry the pm won't work for you, I LOVE my pm, it fits a lot more than you would I can wear it on my shoulder, the gm looked funny on me.....
  3. Not exactly, but I walked around with my damier speedy all summer thinking it was a 25 when it was actually a 30 :shame: I didn't realise it untill I got the Azur in 25 :Push:

    I hope you manage to sell it, it's such a shame to get stuck with the wrong bag that you get no use out of.
  4. Oh no! I do that sometimes too. Don´t worry about it, someone will buy it.
  5. lola, what kind of dog is that? its cute
  6. That's too bad...I hope you find a buyer, I am sure you will.
  7. Oh, so sorry. Sounds disappointing. I have bought bags too small for me and am stuck using them more rarely than I'd like. Too bad, but it's a great bag and perfect for someone else....Good luck!
  8. This has happened to me...*sigh* Don't worry, I'm sure you'll find someone who will love it! It's such a lovely bag...
  10. This Has happened to me! I bought the Indigo Stillwood...Really lovd it when I tried it on even...Then changed my mind...Too big. Sold it for $200.00 loss:crybaby: ..but if you won't use it lose it...IMO. Good luck to you!:flowers:
  11. good luck I hope you don't lose money
  12. That's too bad, you will find a buyer.
  13. oh that's too bad..

    im thinking to get Josephine PM to accompany my GM though, i think it looks cute.

    if only mine isnt cherry, i would definitely get urs.
    good luck on selling it, im sure u would find a great buyer :flowers:

  14. That's sweet.. Thanks! I showed the bag to one of my co-workers today and she said the same thing... that it would be cute to have a PM and GM set for travel...
  15. Sigh.... story of my life. I'm trying so hard to not buy without seeing IRL but after MANY errors, I now know the minimum size bag I want.