Successful trip to Ban Island? Esperiences and Tips?

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  1. I don't know if there is already thread about sharing your successful stories to ban island. I know there's a thread about welcome to ban island. Please share your successful and non successful stories to ban island. I would like to know because I'm rowing to the ban island since 1st of March it is a 9 month trip that I want to make in order to save up for a either speedy b 25 or alma bb. Any suggestion on how I can be successful? Please don't tell me to stop going to and tpf because those are my happy place.

    Your successful stories might give me and the others out there who are also rowing to the ban island an inspiration to keep rowing and learn from your tips. And if you are unsuccessful I still want to hear and that way I know what not to do. hahaha.

    Please feel free to share your stories. like I have said Idk, if there is already a thread like this so I apologize if there is already one.
  2. well, i had a pretty long stay there, for about a year and now, i am utterly failing. i keep going back for short visits but before i know it i'm on a flight outa there. i hate to say it but my loooooong stay worked because i avoided the very places i most love to browse, particularly here and youtube for reviews, unboxings. as long as i didn't look i was ok, now that i'm back, well, what can i say, lol? it takes a lot of will power to watch some of these lovely reveals and not want to get at least one of them.
  3. I never stayed in ban island too long..sighhh

    But recently..the urge is gone

    Dont know what happened but feel as if I am focused on other goals now and feel I have a good collection to work with :smile:
  4. Well, you will have to hear the truth anyway: don't visit TPF (or massively reduce your presence on the forum) and don't browse the LV site! Find new hobbies and activities! It works great!
  5. Such a great idea for a thread. For me, I'm most successful when I'm saving for other things. We go overseas for summer vacation every year so I start saving for that from February. I feel I'm more vulnerable after the summer when there isn't anything to pay for other than normal bills, retirement and savings. Also my car has been fully paid for the past 4 years so that allowed me to splurge on bags. I have all my bag needs covered so I don't feel this rush to go buy another. I'm also with you on ban island as my next purchase won't be until spring 2017 when I go to Paris. It takes real will power to stay on the island but we can do it. I hate helplessness and I won't succumb to it...even for LV. Stay strong
  6. I was on ban island for three years before I sailed off last month. What worked for me was staying away from tpf, YouTube, and It also helped that I was content with my collection.
  7. Yeah, I have to agree with this. ;)

    I also noticed this thread:

    It's a neat idea for saving over the course of a year for a bag!

    I wish I had more tips for you! I am trying to stay away from buying more LV bags, unless hubby has another work trip to Europe (where they are substantially less).
  8. That's the longest sentence I have ever heard of. What was your crime? ;)
  9. I am the poster child for failure. My biggest problem is the "just one more" promise. I have made that promise again and again. I am addicted to SLGs and there are just so many. Every time I get one I start thinking of more things that need to be wrapped in LV. Right now I am trying to go 2 months between purchases. I got a coin purse in mid December for my birthday and Feb 14 I got a cosmetic pouch and pochette. I am trying to get to April 15th. Haha maybe that will be for my tax refund. It is helping me to space them out by 60 days. Hopefully it will keep me to 6 items a year.
  10. Oh man, I will be on ban island after May this year. We booked a last minute trip to Paris a few weeks ago, and I am planning my first (and maybe second) C purchase.

    However, since booking the flights 3 weeks ago, I've bought 2 longchamps (for the trip), a Prada double, Loewe coin purse and miumiu clutch.. I have no self control at all... :sad:
  11. I agree that staying away from forums, YouTube, and could help- but I really don't want to do that! Instead I am setting interval tasks and rewarding myself with LV to stay motivated. Example: if I work out 5 days a week for 6 weeks I get an SLG under 350 etc.
  12. I'm really eyeing for the zippy and emilie multicartes since I don't have an LV wallet of any kind and I'm not really into full size wallet anymore. But I'm staying strong for that speedy b. We are going in vegas for thanksgiving idk if i should get that there or order it online since I don't pay sales tax online cause we don't have LV store in our state. What do you suggest?
  13. Oh no! That's a waste of money! Would rather wait much longer and buy a big item!!!
  14. I would definitely order it online and not pay the sales tax. Tax in Vegas is high. It's fun to browse the various LV shops in Las Vegas though.
  15. ban island doesn't work for me, my collection is small but big enough that I follow through with my rule of one in/one out. I replace something that no longer serve my purpose and buy something new to replace it. Less guilt that way. SLGs that's another story, I buy what I like when the fund is there. its all about self discipline and what works best for you.