Successful Incantations of "Accio Sacculus"...

  1. I have enjoyed the years of sharing your collection, watching it change the stories and the thank you for spending Sunday morning coffee with me, your collection reads better then many books, the Sunday paper can't compare:smile:

    Your taste in bags is amazing, you are a true collector, I love all the bags you still have,I also love the bags you have parted with (wish a couple could have come my way) lol.

    It's a pleasure to follow your purse family, I will check in often.

    Ps, your DH is pretty amazing...your a lucky lady.
  2. Beautiful collection
  3. Aww, thank you, DonnaHawk! I'm pretty lucky to have him :smooch:
  4. Thanks for sharing your collection.........soooooo lovely.
  5. WOW WOW AND WOW......luv the one of a kind....but I'm biased...congrats....I had to wait 21 years for my magenta baby...sigh and smile...:smile:
  6. I had way too much fun reading this thread! And I know it was a post from several years ago, but how sweet of your to get your SA's such an awesome birthday cake!
  7. Oh, wow!!! :woot: I love your collection.
  8. it's a beautiful collection!
  9. Wow...your collection is amazing. Very nice!
  10. Love them all!
  11. My most recent acquisition....needed a little Damier for the Fall/Winter weather... ;)




  12. Congrats on your new addition! Love the berkeley! You have a beautiful collection! :biggrin: thanks for sharing! :smile:
  13. Love them all..'s really gorgeous collection!!!! :heart:
  14. Very nice!!! I love the Balenciaga.
  15. You have a lovely collection