Successful Epi Reversal With Eve Plastic Surgery (Cheonan, Seoul)

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    Hi Dear Members, I would like to share my Epi Reversal in this thread as its a rare case to find in forum.. i had decided to start a new thread to share & make it a easier way to source this information for people out there who needs information about epi reversal/restoration surgery. As the same time im very thankful to Dr Chung from Eve Plastic Surgery (Cheonan,Korea).

    Its been a hard time for me to do research for the past 6mths on Epi Reversal, Fortunately i met a nice forum member who was formally an Epi Reversal patients of Dr Chung,He had share with me about Dr Chung whom is the Inventor of Epi Reversal in korea as his technique was well recognize in medical research & was published in korean news article. I had corresponding for the past 2 mth with Dr Chung, he is a very Patience & personalise doctor. He has never failed to answer my never ending
    question. During this period of time im facing alot of trauma:pout: doing research & photo consultation emails with many other doctors as well but none of them were confident Enough. Those drs mention its not easy to meet my requirement as precises on a sensitive patients. Only Dr Chung can be that detail & even as precise to gauge how many mm i need to reverse on my Epi.he is Amazing & he did it successful on me! He is so personalize he even communicates though kaokao messager with me & guide me the way to his clinic..seriously i love him & his nurse so much they were so nice.:hbeat:

    My Surgery Date On 27th April Morn 9am: I took a 10mins cab to from Sinsa Dong to Kangnam Bus Terminal its was only 5000 won. From Kangnam Bus Terminal i took a 1 hr journey Direct Bus to Cheonan its only 7300 won. Eve plastic surgery clinic is located at Cheonam bus terminal building. Take a lift / walk up the staircase to 3rd level & clinic will be right infront of u.

    Dr Chung spent 1hr consultation with me, i show him some photo for him to choose the shape of my epi & he chose Angelababy epi for me:p..My Surgery tooks him 1hr to finish. Total I did Epi Reversal + Fat Graft Nasolabial fold. Price is really reasonable so much affordable than doing in seoul. Overall i can say the pain was 30% its bearable. Surgery is under local anesthesia, no sedation as dr needs to stitch & reverse in a very precises method mm by mm. Im Currently 1 week post ops..Im super happy with my result, i had no scarring right now, i look so much better with a nice harmony face profile. Here below is my attach photo/website/Email for your reference hope im able to help..Will upoad another photo after my final 2mths recovery...

    Eve Plastic Surgery (Dr Chung Yoon Jae)
    Tel : +82415613900

    Kangnam Bus Terminal also known as (Seoul Bus Terminal)

    Dr Chung Seminar

    Dr Chung News Article

    Eve Plastic Surgery Clinic

    My Epi Reversal 1 week

    Failed Epicanthoplasty in Taiwan Wishclinic
  2. Hi Dear Member, Please take note that i did some typing error. Dr Chung Email:
  3. Hi tari_tigerlily, i dont know why i cant PM u. Dr Chung give me a gd offer.. Because I did multiple surgery with him...If u do multiple surgery with Dr Chung he offer a 10% discount. Upon Cash payment he can waived 10% tax for u.

    Anyway his Primary eyelid incision is 1mil won, Eyelid Revision 2.2mil won. Epi reversal 1.5mil won. Fat Graft 3 Area is 1.5mil won. His price is the most competitive among all clinic in Seoul coz previously I check almost of all 7 top famous Plastic surgery clinic none of them r competitive.

    U can email Dr Chung for advise his email : Don't worry he is a very personalize & patience doctor. Good Luck! :smile:
  4. Hi worries,

    wanted to ask you what's the height of your crease? as in how many mm?
  5. Hi dear I replied u in PM le
  6. Hi Worries,

    I remember coming across your posts a while back looking for possible revision drs. I'm glad you were able to find a surgeon who did such great work :smile: Your eyes look amazing *o*
  7. hi Worries, I'm new to purse forum. How's your eyes now? Mind to share what is the height of your crease? is it taper? did you have your eye outer corner cut before? Hope all goes well with your healing process ;)
  8. Hi, worries, yes, I would like to know how many mm is your crease?
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    Hi Worries,
    Your eyes are really beautiful :smile:

    Btw, prior to your successful epi-reversal with Dr. Chung, did you try consulting Dr. Kwon Bongsik of Teuimps? If you did, what was his proposed solution for your eyes?

    One more thing, do you think Dr Chung is also good with primary double eyelid surgery with ptosis correction, medial epicanthoplasty, & lateral canthoplasty on a male patient?

    Thanks Worries, looking forward to your update pics :smile:
  10. Wow you went for surgery again...
  11. Hi worries

    May i know how many mm is your crease also?

    thanks binnies
  12. Hi Worries,

    Thanks for you sharing. I registered at this forum after I've read your post. I am from singapore and thinking to Korea for eyelid surgery and nose. You have a lot of personal experience and willing to share, please recommend the clinic and charges, duration that I need to stay in Korea? Many Thanks..
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    After seeing this post on the forum, I made the decision to seek revision with Dr Chung. He is now located in Abgujeong and not in Cheonan.

    Anyway I am extremely happy with the results. To explain my situation, I did double eyelid and epicanthoplasty (parallel cut) with Dr Wong from Gleneagle hospital 6 years ago. Not only were the cut lines asymmetrical, I was left with scarring under my left eye and above the anterior of my right eye - they look like deep wrinkles. Since then I have sought revision with another doctor who managed to revise the eyelid wrinkle slightly by removing the skin and stitching it back up more neatly than the aforementioned doctor. Still the other problems with asymmetry and scarring were present. It made me insecure about how I looked even though I am only in my early 20s.

    When I met up with Dr Chung, he told me he can only improve it by 60% because he cannot revise the scarring under my left eye. So far, it has been one week since I had the surgery, I can say that his method has improved how my eyes looked even more so than the other doctors. I highly recommend this doctor. Even though he seems "quiet", I think his patience is obvious. His assistants are young ladies (I think I've met 7 females from the reception to the surgery room). They are patient as well and nice to foreigners despite not speaking english well. Overall, I did not have a stressful experience there, in fact it was quite pleasant. :smile:
  14. I had consultations with the following surgeons for epic reversal :-
    ASY Clinic - Dr Ahn
    Website: Email: Price: 2.5 million
    Dr Ahn is probably in his 50s and he speaks good English. He is a famous and reputable surgeon in Seoul specializing in Scars’ treatments. He has an interest in EPIC reversal and he has 4 methods with regards to this surgery. He did over 600+ cases and he is very selective with his patients and will not hesitate to reject you if he considers you being too young, impulsive or having BDD etc. This is why some people complain that he is a grumpy old man and some might even take offence by what he said. Dr Ahn’s clinic is crowded with patients mostly Koreans. My consultation with him took about 30 mins and he usually likes to start off asking for your name. Then he will ask you to write down your name in Chinese character. He understand Chinese character being known as “Han Zi” in Seoul. Sometimes he might go off topic talking about other things not relevant to the surgery.
    I didn’t have any unpleasant experience with him. In fact, I am very comfortable with him and he didn’t lecture me like he had done to other people. He studied and measured the distance between my eyes and told me the distance between my eyes is about 32mm. Judging from my old photos, he said I used to be 34/35mm. He also said I do not have Mongolian folds and he doesn’t understand why my primary surgeon cut my epic corners. He recommended 1mm reversal for both eyes. But he said I don’t look ugly now but I have more westernized eyes and in fact I look better than before. I told him I want to look like Chinese and my parents/siblings again. He said most of the complaints from patients after surgery is that too much whites are still shown even though he corrected 1mm. Then another popular complaints is that the distance between the eyes become too wide. I think he’s trying to set my expectations by telling me all the bad things. Then near the end of the session, a nurse came in and Dr Ahn just took off and said the nurse will attend to me. He said he did epic reversal for this nurse 10 years ago. Her epic reversal looks good with min scar.
    The nurse brought me to another room and I was feeling a bit jittery because this is the part she will tell me whether Dr Ahn will accept me as a patient. She told me the surgery will not make me prettier but just younger and softer than before and I should re-consider the surgery. She then showed me some photos and I think the photos look good and very subtle.
    The price is 2.5million and is not negotiable.I told her I will have to consider and she said I can call her before 5.30pm within the same day to book the surgery for the next day at 2.30pm.

    Eve Clinic – Dr Chung
    Website: Email: Price: 2 million
    Dr Chung is very popular among foreigners and is most often brought up in this forum. He is being written as kind and patience. I learnt my lesson and just want to do more research and careful this time. I believe many people do not have much options hence they went for surgery with him based on what they heard from forum. It is very difficult to find people who had epic reversals but I happened to find 3 patients. Out of the 3, 1 is good and the other two didn’t have good results. Considered the difficulty in locating epic reversal people and the probability, I knew he won’t be my 1st choice but I would like to talk to him personally to make a decision.
    Anyway, when I turned up at his clinic, it’s empty. I wasn’t surprised because I already heard from the people who went for consultations and surgeries that his clinic was empty when they were there.
    Dr Chung said he could correct 1mm on both eyes and he showed me a video of the method he used in this process. I think the advantage of having surgery with Dr Chung is that his method doesn’t create much scars.
    The consultant speaks Chinese and she is quite aggressive. I told her I need to consider as I have to visit another doctor regarding my double eyelid’s depth. She won’t let me leave until I book an appointment for surgery. She said people usually reverse epic first and revise eyelids 3 months later. I insisted I need to consider and she said Dr Chung is famous and there’s no reason to consider further. Overall, I am not very comfortable with this kind of sales pushing behaviour.

    Shinseung Clinic – Dr Shin
    Website: Email: Price: 2.8 million
    Shinseung does a lot of local patients and it is famous because he did epic reversal surgery for a Korean actress (Amy) few years ago.
    I arrived earlier at 2.30pm but his clinic is crowded and so I will have to wait until 4.30pm which was my original appointment. I came back later at 4pm and waited until 5pm. I was getting panicky as I had to confirm my appointment with Dr Ahn.
    Dr Shin spent a lot of time answering my questions but he told me they are not important because at the end of the day, the shape is most important. I asked him how many mm should I correct. He said he doesn’t want to talk about mm. He asked me to hold a mirror and asked me how comfortable I am with the 3 recommended shapes and the amount to be corrected. He has a more aesthetic views and will recommend the amount to be corrected in harmony with your features.
    Eventually, I decided to go with Dr Shin as I am very comfortable with him and he’s more of a specialist in this area.
    I am now 2 weeks’ post operation and I am pretty happy with the results. I look more like before when I have my pictures taken. It will take about 8 weeks to completely de-swell and final results is 6 months. The scars aren’t as bad as expected but it depends on individuals. It also improves my staring look in photos.
    However do note that with epic reversal’s surgery, you will never look exactly like before but just very similar. I experience slight tightness and pain 4 hours after surgery and started to eat painkillers for about few days. It went away about 2.5 days later. You will also look over-corrected and it will improves as times goes by.
    If you are considering epic reversal surgery, do consult all clinics and decide on the doctor whom are you most comfortable with.
  15. Hi,i am jean,i had the same situation with you,i also did double eyelid and epicanthoplasty (parallel cut) with Dr Wong from Gleneagle hospital 6 years ago.the lines asymmetrical and left scars under both eyes.i thinking to have revision with dr chung,do you mind share your photo with me.( a lot .