1. A friend of mine recently had dinner with a client of her father's. During that dinner he said he has been very successful. So, they asked him why they think he has been so. He said he thinks he, and anyone who is successful, is when he does something anf fails, he tries to learn and better himself while unsucessful people look at and think who can I blame for this? I kind of agree, what do you guys think?
  2. I absolutely agree.

    If one can't learn from his own mistakes then I don't believe they will truly be successful in life.
  3. I think that's true because when you fail, and try again, you are at least progressing towards your success. If you do nothing but blame yourself or others, you're getting nowhere.
  4. Well my dad has always told me that you never stand still. You are either moving forward or going backwards. If you can learn from your failures and are moving forwards you are geared towards success. If you look for other's to blame and you can't grasp the change to be better and not fail a second time, you are moving backwards.

    I agree that being successful isn't just about having the fancy cars and big houses (although it'd be nice) - it's also personal success.
  5. Success should be defined by your own goals, not by someone else.
  6. I agree you have to learn from mistakes, take some responsibility and not just blame others.

    BUT let me ask you gals somthing, what if you're trying to correct and make up for your mistakes but you're not given the chance?

    that's kind of the situation i'm finding myself in ... Some things in the past, i could have handled better or differently... some events i was treated very unfairly... i've been trying and trying to make up for the mistakes i made earlier and learning from them but i can't find the opportunity to make up for it!
  7. Sort of true......
    If you are thinking that your mistakes stops you from being successful....thats just too short sighted and not being rational....

    But, in life, there are circumstances and even ppl that can hinder you in significant ways....and its healthier to recongnize these things and not blame yourself for them....
  8. Quite true. It's easy to let failure bring you down, but if you use it to learn how to improve things the next time it can empower you.

  9. Hmmmm for thought... i'll think on that last statement.... maybe i'm too focused on taking responsibility and learning from my mistakes and as a result end up blaming myself too much ... :idea:
  10. I was the same way....there were times that I was soo hard on myself and it wasnt coming from me was from those around me...its one of those things that get you stuck in a bad place b/c you blame yourself...

    I dont do that anymore...its like this professor said once..."If you make a mistake that is a a scale from 1 to 10. And others make it out to be a 6.....the extra 3 is that person's baggage/problem" . I have this on my mind all the helps alot.
  11. It's works both ways: If you have never had a failure, then you can't measure success.

    You need BOTH to be a successful person, in any area of your life.
  12. lol that's what my dad tells me too!
    and I do NOT agree with him and I htink I'm going to be pretty successful in the near future....
  13. Right on, Traci!! :tup:

    And I'll add this...success is not a finite "pie"...there is plenty to go around for everyone. :yes::yes::yes::yes: