Success! Seattle TPF meeting! Pix too!

  1. The ladies and I met up at the lobby of the Fairmont.
    Pursegrrl (Diana)
    Mychillywilly (Villy)
    We saw some gorgeous purses Saint Jacques Black Epi totes (2) different ladies within 20 minutes.

    Here are some pics we took in LV.



    from left to right:
    Pursegrrl (Diana)
    ElizabethK (Elizabeth)
    Mychillywilly (Villy)

    I had a great time girls!:flowers:
    We decided at lunch that we'd be doing a meeting monthly!:wlae:
    All those scaredy cats that didn't make it ---you missed out!:supacool:
    Meet us next time!:yahoo:

    Love:flowers: ,
  2. Yay, I had a blast too! It was SO much fun meeting you and gushing over bags, drooling at LV. Yes, we are going to make this a monthly meeting so c'mon girls of the Great Northwest, come join us!

    We braved the rain and had a wonderful lunch at Palomino before heading to LV.

    Mychillywilly arrived so chic with her amazing black Chanel bowler. Elizabethk wow'd us with her TDF bleu jean HAC 32, and I proudly carried my newest baby, the zucca B. Fendi.

    Ladies, after trying on that Manhattan GM in LV, well, time to save up! I love it.

    First pic in this post is the amazing lobby of the Fairmont, looking toward the world famous Georgian Room.

    You are fabulous and I enjoyed our afternoon immensely! Cheers and hugs...see you again soon! :heart: :flowers: :flowers:
    1_Fairmont lobby.jpg 2_tPF_Seattle.jpg 3_tPF_Seattle1.jpg 4_tPF_Seattle2.jpg 5_tPF_Seattle_group.jpg
  3. Wow, glad you gals had a great time!
  4. It's great you ladies had a nice time. You are all so pretty, and love your bags!
  5. I'm glad you had a good time, your bags are TDF! I think I would recognize a group of PFer's in the mall, because we all have such great taste in bags!
  6. oooh monthly meetings! yay! one day i'll make it up there. :smile: glad you ladies had so much fun!
  7. Oh I wish I could've joined you. Glad you gals had fun! :smile:
  8. oooh I wish I had known, I would have loved to meet up - let me know if you meet up soon and would like another member, sounds like fun! (Although I'm not sure my collection would come close to those jewels you three were carrying) :smile:
  9. :rolleyes::yahoo: I had a great time too, thank you gals, it was just so much fun...
    We were lucky we didn't shopped too long, otherwise we would be all soaked by the heavy rainfall...
    looking forward to meet again and more shopping... hopefully the weather will be better next time..:rolleyes:
  10. How fun! I'm glad you guys had a blast. You're all so pretty and have fab bags!
  11. You all look soooo fantastic !!!! I'm glad you all had a blast. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics :love:
  12. WOw!! Beautiful bags on beautiful ladies!! :smile:

    I am so jealous!! When will those of us in Arizona have a meetup?!?!? :smile:
  13. I missed out on this one! You ladies look lovely. Looked like you had a fabulous time.
  14. wow... thanks for the pics.. sounds like it was so much fun.... had to do my school work still.. hoping to grad this yr so I got 1 month to finish all the schoolwork or else, i don't get to grad.. hopefully, I can join the next meeting...
  15. Thanks for posting pics. You all looked like you had a great time. Oh, and all three of you ladies have fab purses too.