SUCCESS!...and a little problem.......

CB, Are you going to have him place an order in January to receive later in the year or are you going to wait until summer??? My order is only concern in that it arrives quite a bit ahead of schedule...well, I can hardly dread that... : )
YEAH!!!! Bloody Hell!!!....... I'm over it! It's my way or the high-way, yes in-deedy...............

shopmom, am glad that you are over it. There is no need to be loyal to your old SA IMO. In a casual conversation next time, ask how many SAs are there in your store, and if each of them have specific duties. And in that context, the SAs' designation. The more senior ones have control over the birkins/kellys/HACs, and they are also the ones who will do computer searches for customers. The more 'junior' ones do not have that empowerment by management, and will have no choice but to say NO, if the item is not in store.

Over at my store, things seems to work a bit different than what I hear about the stores all of you mention. I think commission is pooled and shared, as opposed to individual earnings, which tend to lead to competition and possessiveness of customers.

There are 9 SAs + 1 store manager at my store and all 9 SAs are not equal.:idea:
So, maybe all the commission is pooled in SF too????? Ok.....then I won't feel so bad.....but........does anyone know for sure?????

don't make me come out there with my whip, d!

it really doesn't matter -- even if the commissions aren't shared: (i) you have a right to work with whichever SA you "click" best with, and (ii) if the one you prefer is the one who makes an extra effot for you, there's certainly nothing wrong with her being compensated for that by your purchases!
I totally agree with Avandome here. It is so easy to call and see when your old SA is working and when not. You deserve to be served and you have been a customer for quite some time. You should have been offered some back room bags by now. Why not? Ask yourself that.

Sometimes we just work better with certain people and this new SA could be the key. When circumstances arise that can be to your need to capitalize on them.

Good Luck! Remember, it is your money and you are the customer!!!

Shopmom, find out when your "regular" SA is off and shop only on those days for a while,with your "new" SA, then eventually when you see your "old" one act natural like nothing happened!...YOU are the customer!:yes:
I have in each store I shop, one main SA and a "backup" in case they are on vacation, or I have to buy something on my regular SA's day off. (and you can allways tell the new SA...sort of "on the side" how happy you are with her, because frankly you were unhappy with the other one!):idea: