SUCCESS!...and a little problem.......

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  1. Ok....remember a little while back when I was thinking about one of those fringy key holders? Well, I called my SF store and my regular SA was off that day (didn't know it 'til I called) but the lady who answered the phone was so nice that I asked her about the keychain and, natch, they didn't have ANY. NADA! She said she'd do a search and bring in a few in a couple of colors for me to look at and I said, "Wow! Thanks! That's so nice of you" and hung up. That was how long ago?!?!!?

    Anyway.....late yesterday she called me and said she had one (ONE!) fringy key-chain thingy in Rouge H for me to look at and did I need anything else and I said, "Well, do you have a Les Toites de Paris scarf in the all cream color-way?" and she said, "Well let me see what I can find for you" and we hung up.

    NOW after doing a search for this scarf on my own, I find out that the only one available in the entire country was in Las Vegas and it's now on its way to............SF FOR ME because this SA requested it!

    So you're saying to yourself, "'S the problem here?!?!?!"

    HERE'S THE PROBLEM!!!!!! This is NOT my regular SA! :wtf:

    :oh: now what do I do????????????
  2. it's a smaller-ticket item, so it might not be so bad...
  3. Am confused.... has it already been ordered for you and she has ordered another for you?:confused1:
  4. oooohhh, major dilemma.....
  5. I say take any help you can get from that store ;) and congrats on finding your scarf/key chain!!! :yahoo:
  6. No Birkin Girl.........there is only one of these scarves in this particular colorway left in the whole country and this SA had it sent here from the store in Las Vegas. Las Vegas had one in stock.

  7. noooooooooooooo :wtf: don't tell me................:Push:
  8. i had the same dilemma before - but my SA was off that day and i was just honest with her when she came back and told her i needed it right at this moment and had to get it then. and this other SA didn't have to specially find this item for me - it was in the store.

    i say, just be honest with her.
  9. Are you kind of saying that you would like to switch SA's because you think this SA gave you better service?
  10. :yes: It's just a scarf, I doubt it would bother your SA. If it did I don't know if I would want an SA that would get bent out of shape over a scarf KWIM? Because if you would've waited it would be gone! :shame:
  11. Ew, boy. That's why I don't like to go in when my boyz aren't there. But, it's just this once so let it slide. But be honest with your own SA.
  12. Ok......great advice as usual. Be honest it is.........

    .....but now I want this SA instead of my other one who is, basicaly, useless........
  13. Switch! :choochoo: Definitely, if you can actually find someone to help you...grab them! ;)
  14. If your SA is useless for you, then he/she is probably useless for other people as well. My feeling's your $$ you are spending there and you deserve good service. You can be friendly and polite with old one and move on to new one. The SA who got the scarf for you has gotten the message that you are a serious buyer, I don't know what planet the other one is living on that he/she doesn't realize this.
  15. Yeah but, how do you switch? You just go to the new one? Do you tell the old one?

    I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!!! I'm REALLY, REALLY BAD WITH CONFRONTATION unless it's with my teen and then I'm all over it...............