Subway Thriller: Apparently You Get A Free Show When You Take The Subway

  1. That was COOL! Thanks Prada!!!
  2. I love this video. I soo wanna do something like this with my firends. I'm think something from Xanadu. LOL

  3. Ohhhh.. if you do, you MUST send me a link. I love, absolutely LOVE dance.
  4. i wish people would do that in NYC . I liked it
  5. I was a dance major in college so we used to do these sort of things all the time around campus, although never with a dance as fun as thriller.

    You could pretty much guarantee on the first warm days of spring we were holding class outside.
  6. lol! why is everyone not laughing?!! That's hysterical. and cool.
  7. I like that some people are just ignoring them like this happens all the time lol
  8. Very cool! LOL I thought it was funny too that no one on the subway seemed particularly impressed! Jaded folks.
  9. Hilarious!!!! Let me guess...NOT London!:roflmfao:
  10. Your welcome speedy !
  11. lol that's something I'd like to see on the subway, lol.