Subway footlongs

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  1. For some reason it always seems like I can eat a whole Subway footlong sandwich if I have it for dinner (usually my biggest meal). Is this the case for you guys or no? I always feel like such a pig because it looks so big. I get the turkey on the oat bread with cheese, lettuce, onion, jalepanos, green peppers, and honey mustard so I know it is not that bad for me, but I know the portion size should just be a 6 inch. But I am always starving after I eat a 6 inch??
  2. I am embarassed to say I a. like subway b. can eat a foot long. I have mine with just cheese and the veggies (because I don't really like deli meat) and oil and vinegar. Doesn't matter seems like the bread is pretty airy and I don't feel bad about it.
    I don't think we should be thinking about a foot or not a foot...if I'm still hungry I'm going to keep eating! I notice when I try to ration myself off and make myself feel bad I only compensate by eating something worse to make up for it.
  3. thank god i'm not the only one. i always get a 6" for lunch and seriously i still feel starving afterwards. i can only feel full after a foot-long. i try to justify it by getting a turkey on wheat :P. althought i have to admit i've definitely had a foot-long pastrami or meatball before.
  4. Just be careful. They're a fair amount of calories, especially if you get cheese or mayonnaise.
  5. Yup! I can eat a footlong by myself too if I'm really hungry. Chicken and bacon ranch on Italian herb and cheese bread. Cheddar cheese, and all salad except jalapenos :drool:
  6. I love Subway and I used to eat an entire footlong before I started eating healthier/being more conscious of what I ate. I only get the 6 inch now, usually turkey and ham, with spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers, and extra olives, and light mayo on a wheat roll. I'd say it's a good amount of food, enough to the point where I feel satisfied, but I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm full afterwards. I usually get a bag of those baked chips to go with it to make me feel fuller.
  7. i can eat a footlong if i don't eat anything else with it... or if i do eat some chips with it i feel REALLY full... BUT... after eating a 6 inch with chips... i also feel like i'm still hungry... so then i start to eat the other half...

    i am so addicted to their veggie sandwhich right now! mm.... cheese... olives... s/p... vinegar.. and ranch.. delicious!

    i really wish we had a subway across from my work place!
  8. I can totally eat a footlong, but I always get the veggie delite, so I don't feel too guilty about it.
  9. yeah I guess theres not a whole lot in a subway sandwich. Im not a big fan of their deli meat otherwise I would get double meat on a 6 inch and maybe that would fill me up more. I like it mainly for that oat bread and I love their honey mustard. yum
  10. I can't :sweatdrop: I can barely eat a 6 inch.
    But with other foods I can eat so much sometimes.
  11. i can eat either, it just depends on what you put in front of me!! i actually prefer eating the whole thing since it will get soggy otherwise since i put vinegar on it. i get spicy italian with all the veggies on it, black pepper, and vinegar. yum.
  12. just to make u guys feel better, the footlong whole wheat is 400 calories and the wrap is 310. i feel like u get a LOT more out of the footlong!
  13. If you don't order cheese on it, get whole wheat bread and no mayo, just mustard, a footlong HAS to be a lot healthier than a 6" with chips!
  14. That's exactly what I get which is basically cheese and veggies...BUT if you order something similar (but with way more cheese) at Blimpie it's called the Veggie has 1106 calories in the 12 inch! I don't eat at blimpie but saw this in a thing online and just checked!
  15. I love Subway - I always get the 6 inch. Drink a huge bottle of water with it and that will fill you up better.