Suburban Chicago TJMaxx - LOTS of Designer deals!

  1. I was at the TJMaxx in Countryside yesterday and found a TON of designer items at rock bottom prices. I posted my finds in another thread (, including a $1200 Michael Kors handbag that I got for $299!!

    They had at least 2 other Michael Kors bags that retailed for more than $1300 (TJM price around $400), quite a few NICE Cole Haan, including a Village Weave Tote bag that looks A LOT like an Anna Corina. A few NICE DKNY Nappa leather bags (around $250), a table full of D&B including WHITE "It" bags (I've never seen white at Marshalls or TJM before).

    As for clothing, they had a rack full of Vince for under $50, Cole Haan leather jackets, D&G jackets, a Marc Jacobs (white tag - NOT M by MJ) black blazer (sz 2), lots of Theory and Tahari, Chip & Pepper and & 7Jeans, Juicy Ts & hoodies - and that's only SOME of the stuff I saw. I didn't have enough time to check out the entire store.

    This store has what's called a "Runway" department where you can expect to find nicer designers at greatly reduced prices. So many things were on their second markdown (I paid $15 for $48 Vince Tank tops). And right next door is a Marshall's store where I found Angora Theory sweaters for less than $100 each and Juicy long sleeve Ts for $24!!!

    If you want to know exactly where these stores are, you can check out TJM's website or send me a PM & Ill give you directions!!
  2. OMG! Thanks! I love the maxx for the minimum and missed all the vince stuff they had last time!
  3. thx for the heads up, i guess i will head down to state street tomorrow lunch :smile:
  4. i went with my bff to the one on state street yesterday (she wanted a bag) but there was nothing...just the normal stuff. except the RL beauty case set for 16,99 instead of 45 dollar
  5. Wow! Please send me directions. Would love to check it out. :nuts:
  6. can you tell us location of tj maxx you went to??
  7. I was at the State Street Store this evening and they had nothing compared to what I found in Countryside yesterday. They had a few of the Vince tanks that I bought yesterday, but instead of the $15 that I paid, they were $20. I thought for sure I'd find something nice on State Street but nope! (Filene's Basement below TJM didn't even have anything worth wild!)

    NR on State Street had a rack full of Isabella Fiore bags, a few MJ multi-pockets in Berry, and an assortment of Cole Haan, Michael by MK, Rafe, Kenneth Cole, etc - nothing too exciting, however I did find the same CH bag I put on layaway at TJM yesterday for $30 cheaper. I didn't have time to get upstairs & look at the clothing.
  8. thanks iluvmybags , i thought state street has the same runway collection, but oh me a trip :smile:
  9. they may very well have had some of the same things, but maybe it sold faster downtown than in Countyside. Oak Brook has a runway section too, but I haven't visited that store yet. I may take a ride back to Countryside tonight to look at what I missed & see if they got anything new.
  10. OMG! I was just in Countryside last week! Can't believe I missed this!
  11. So I went back to the Countryside TJM this evening (Tue 8/21) and here's some of what I found:

    1. Michael Kors leather hobo bag w/fringe - retails $1395, TJM price - $649
    2. Michael Kors ID Chain Small Shoulder Bag, in Black (like my satchel, but a smaller shoulder bag) - Unbelievably soft leather & black suede lining! $199
    3. 2 Linea Pelle handbags - $99 each
    4. A Celine handbag - clearance price $432
    5. A variety of Cole Haan leather bags from the Spring/Summer line, including the Village Weave convertible Flap Tote (similar to Anna Corinna bags) in washed Tobacco (very soft!), Village Weave Small Tote, Rouched Satchel, Large Tote, Soft leather handbags (and I mean SOFT leather!) with embroidery, and a few other styles.
    6. A LARGE selection of Dooney & Bourke bags, including the IT bags, graffiti bags, and signature styles.

    As for clothing, I took a better look at their Runway department (altho I didn't look at prices) and this is what I found:

    1. an Assortment of Marc Jacobs clothing (tops, pants, dresses - NOT M by MJ).
    2. Dolce & Gabanna tops & jackets
    3. Versace tops & jackets
    4. An assortment of Tahari and Theory clothing
    5. A large selection of Vince tops
    6. All kinds of denim - 7, Rock & Republic, Paige, Chip & Pepper, Joe's Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, True Religion, J Brand - there may have been more but I can't remember.
    7. Catherine Malandrano (on the clearance rack)
    8. Ralph Lauren (not Polo or Lauren by actual RL)

    In the "regular" departments I found lots of Juicy, Michael by MK and BCBG and other popular names

    As for sizes, they seemed to have a variety of sizes, but in the BIG names (i.e., MJ, D&G, etc - it seemed to be mostly smaller sizes)

    There is quite a selection, so if you're in the Chicago area and are looking for some bargains, TJMaxx Countryside might be the place to go. As I said in my earlier post, right next door there's a Marshall's - I didn't really shop there, but ran in & out quickly. I did get myself an Angora Sweater by Theory for less than $100, and a couple of Juicy Ts for my daughter.

    If you want directions, please send me a PM and I'll try to help ya out!!!

    Good Luck and be sure to let use know what you find!!!!
  12. Wow so many Chicago bag lovers in one place woohoo!!! We should definitely organize a PF meeting and admire each other bags!!! I was always envious that New Yorkers were such an organized bunch.

    Anyhow, as far as TJMAXX goes here is what i found out( through an inside source in TJMAXX. NOT EVERY TJMAXX has a designer section, so for some of you going to your local store and not seeing anything don't be discouraged or surprised. There are only 3 designated RUNWAY stores: Countryside ( as ILUVBYBAGS was nice enough to share with us) Oakbrook and Skokie ( on Golf and McCormick intersection). There is also a Woodfiled location which apparently has man's Runway stuff. If from time to time you see some items in other locations - it is trickled down stuff from the above mentioned 3 locates. Also,once in a while Marshalls will get some random designer stuff. Keep in mind they are both owned by the same company and share the same stuff. Hope it answers some questions and saves some of you some disappointing trips to random locates.

  13. Actually, the State Street store also has a runway dept, but I was there yesterday (Monday), and they barely had anything. Certainly not the selection that Countryside had.

    One thing I should mention - the designer handbags that I found (Michael Kors, Celine, etc) were in the regular handbag department. The only handbags that were on display in the Runway section were Versus & I think that's only because they're promoting that line (probably trying to draw attention to it since it's pretty new). So if you go to a TJM that has a runway dept be sure to check out the handbag (and shoe) dept also. You might just get lucky and find a "buried treasure"!!
  14. OMG! I just remembered - how could I 4get! - they had ALOT of Bagley/Mishka (sp?) clothing when I was there Tue - dresses, tops, pants - mostly small sizes, but a few medium sized things - I might take a ride this weekend to see if they got anything new.
  15. I have nothing to contribute but I used to live in Mt. Prospect (when I was a kid) & it's so fun to hear all these distantly familar places mentioned!

    However, you have inspired me to make a trek to my nearest Runway store about 45 minutes away from me.