subtly sexy outfit for coffee?

  1. So, I'm meeting someone for coffee ... not a date, just something casual. I like the guy, and haven't seen him for awhile.

    Any ideas on what to wear? I want to be feminine, flirtatious, and not look like I tried too hard.

    This is in Boston, so please keep the cold weather in mind.

    Thank you!
  2. Oooh I hope it goes well! Hmmm maybe great jeans, cashmere sweater-V neck, or cowl perhaps, showing a little skin? Heeled boots, pretty coat. Is this in the daytime or at night? An A-line skirt (knee length),knee-high boots would also be nice instead of jeans. Good luck!
  3. i would go for a simple and pretty sweater, a necklace, skinny jeans and boots, and your most flattering wool coat
  4. Hey sonya, well since its boston, you obviously need to be bundled up, but that doesnt mean you can't wear jeans with a cute least I think that's doable...sorry, from Cali...

    Anyway, my suggestion would be a cute blouse, or if you need to layer, maybe a cute tank with lace trim and a cami....

    Have fun on your coffee "get together!"
  5. I say wear a cute & short mini skirt (but not denim.. tweed would be great) with black opaque tights underneath with really adorable heels, and a nice sweater with a great coat! Do a standout color with your bag if possible since the rest of the outfit is pretty monochrome!

    ^^ this is like my fool proof 'i need to look adorable and hot but still pretty casual and make him want me' outfit! I always have something cute in my hair as well, hehe.. ;)
  6. I'd suggest leggings tucked into ankle boots, with a cozy belted sweater dress on top. :yes: Sexy and stylish, yet also understated and casual.
  7. Yes I agree.....V-neck or open blouse are really sexy to show discreetly a bit of skin in the winter, a nice fitted pair of jeans (shows your curves), and boots. Sometimes it´s just about showing your neck, wrists, ears....
    nothing too fashion forward.
    Good luck !
  8. Cute jeans, Cashmere sweater, and boots.
  9. ^ And I would add to that a fabulous handbag and nice coat :nuts: Possibly something belted (like a trenchcoat) :smile:

    And a nice smile :upsidedown:

    Hope you'll report here to let us know how the meeting went ;)
  10. i definitely agree with the ladies, go for skinny jeans + boots and a cute sweater (v-neck or scoop) in a color that flatters your skin tone.
  11. I was thinking a romantique but subtle top, dark denim jeans, black stilleto boots, metallic bag, and a nice black trench coat.
  12. I'm thinking a black shift dress (no cleavage, only legs), black tights, black patent strappy heels, a large belt that cinches the waist and a nice casual bag.
  13. I'd say a cute wrap dress with turtleneck, tights, and cute boots. I have a black and gray striped wrap dress with a deep V-neck that looks great with a black turtleneck, chunky knit gray tights and black ankle boots. It's flirty and sexy, but not ho-ish LOL.
  14. I would do jeans, some heeled boots or wedged boots.. Winter jacket cinched at the waist -.... and a ruffled shirt underneath a la robert rodriguez..
  15. Sonya -- when is this date? Let us know what you end up wearing!!