Subtle price increase???

  1. Has anybody notice a change in prices at the boutique or eluxury? I'm curious because I have seen some change in price on items that were a consideration on my wishlist. What do you think? Will LV be discreetly raising the price on some pieces randomly before the next price hike? TIA
  2. ^bump
  3. Monogram Vavin GM was $1000
  4. Hadn't noticed this. Off to check it out.......
  5. the vavin gm has been this price for awhile... probably since the last hike on nov 1st. i don't remember the price before that, however
  6. Vavin GM was $1000 last week now it's $1050. Babylone $1060 now $1110
  7.! It's too soon! By the time I'm working, everything would be hundreds more than they are now! :cursing:!
  8. I just called 866 and they said that the Vavin GM has been 1050 since Nov 1 of last year!?
  9. hmmm... Well then that's really strange cause it was in my cart last week and the price was not $1050... Maybe, I forgot and got all caught up with the new lines during Christmas... Still I feel like something has changed because I'm always watching the prices in order to calculate the next price increase. This way I won't be surprise and ready to pay the new price hike.