Subtle mascara


Bagaholic DH
Oct 6, 2008
I have been using Neutragena weightless volume mascara for many years and can no longer find it. No one has it anymore and it's not on the website so I assume it is discontinued. I tried using thier healthy lengths but is too dramatic. (I have several clinique samples as well but all way to dramatic and black)

As a guy Im looking for something subtle to enhance my lashes a little. A black/brown color would be a plus with a brush that's easy to use on the lower lashes. Any suggestions. I need help!


Feb 27, 2008
I'm not a mascara expert by any means, but I always thought that Clinique glossy mascara was fairly everyday and subtle. Don't know what Clinique samples you've tried though, but if that wasn't in there it might be worth a go.
Estee Lauder More Than Mascara and Lancome Definicils mascara is what I'd describe as pretty everyday and neutral, but I am also open to suggestions!
And then there's always eyelash tinting. I haven't tried it myself, but it might be just the thing...:smile:


May 16, 2008
I think that clear is also a good option (I have Maybelline Clear Mascara - but I use it to tame my eyebrows :P) might also want to check out Shu Uemura Basic, which is a very natural looking mascara that comes in brown and black. It does not smudge at all - it's waterproof, so it's ideal for lower lashes. I love it for a more natural look.