Substitute for Philosophy The Big Skinny (discontinued)?

  1. I've been waiting for the Sephora F&F to get my first tube of Philosophy's The Big Skinny (which I fell in love with after having tried it from a friend of mine who happens to have the same skin tone as me). Unfortunately, the item was listed as OOS during the F&F, and just a few days ago--I got an email from Sephora informing me that the product has been discontinued! :wtf:

    I believe still has it in stock, but only in bronze (I am looking for the lighter tone one, which I believe is called nude?). I can't believe they discontinued it! Has anyone here ever tried The Big Skinny and/or know of any other sunless tan lotion that would give similar (or possibly better) results? I have tried St. Tropez and some drugstore stuff before, but ended up finding it too messy or not liking the results (too orangy or too dark). I have very light Asian skintone, and barely tan under the sun. Thanks!
  2. Try L'Oreal Sublime Glow. It is a daily moisturizing lotion that gives a great color. I used the medium during the warmer months, but now that it is fall, I've been using the light. I have very fair skin and it looks like a real tan--no blotchiness and dries pretty quickly.
  3. omg i looove the big skinny! i must restock at Nordstrom then for next year. I need the nude color as well.
  4. Thanks chelsbelle! I ordered myself two tubes (I did not stock up crazy since I'm afraid this stuff won't store more than a year without losing effect). Hopefully I will find something to replace it by the time I run out :smile:
  5. Your welcome! Do you think sephora is just not going to carry it any longer or do you think philosophy is actually going to stop making it?
  6. hi ladies,
    i used the bronze one and i just found some in after checking w/ then from time to time...i also found some big skinny in nude at eBay you should check it...