Subscribed Threads Not Moving

  1. I'm going to try to explain this and hope it makes sense haha. Since yesterday, my subscribed threads do not seem to be moving. Usually when I click "my control panel", all of my subscribed threads with recent posts that I have not read yet are there. Once I click on it and read it, the subscribed thread no longer shows on the "new subscribed threads" page, but is still one of my subscriptions. Since yesterday, however, they just stay on there and un-bold, but only certain ones. Also, when I was looking at the Coach thread, threads with recent posts were not showing as bold. Any idea what is going on with this? TIA Vlad and Megs! :biggrin:
  2. Here is a screenshot of what I am talking about. This is my main Control Panel page, not my "list subscriptions" page. :smile:

  3. I've been having this same issue! Also, when I click the little arrow that says "go to first new post" it skips over a bunch of the new ones and takes me to a post near the end of each thread.
  4. Glad it isnt just me! :biggrin:
  5. Having the same problem. Only a few of the new threads are bolded, and even if I have read them, they are still bolded.
  6. And also, it now doesn't say how many members are viewing each sub forum.
  7. Thank goodness it's not just me! I love having threads bolded and then being able to tell easily which ones I've visited already.
  8. Me too!! :tup::tup: I'm going cross eyed!! :giggles:
  9. This was a temporary measure for performance reasons. It's back to normal now. :tup:

  10. Awesome, thanks Vlad! :biggrin: