Subscribe Thread.

  1. I tried looking through my settings to change this option but came up with nothing.

    Every post I make in every thread, I'm automatically subscribed to it. How do I stop that? I want to manually subscribe myself if there's a helpful thread I want to later revisit.

    How do I go about that?

  2. To stop future notifications on new threads you visit:

    Control Panel, left column -- Edit Options

    Under Messaging & Notification >> Default Thread Subscription Mode, select "Do Not Subscribe"

    To subscribe to individual threads manually:

    At the top of each page, under "Thread Tools", select "Subscribe to this thread"

    Note; any threads you're already subscribed to will continue to notify you of new posts unless you manually cancel the subscriptions under "Subscribed Threads >> List Subscriptions" on the left side of the Control Panel.
  3. I see what you're saying and thanks for the reply but my question hasn't been solve. I've tried going through the steps you suggested and I chose to not have email notification for these threads that I didn't subscribed to. Also in my subscription, I have all box unchecked bc I don't want to receive emails from it.

    I have never subscribe to any thread but once I leave a post on any thread it's automatically saved to my subscription list. I delete these thread off my subscribed thread and they appear again after I visit and post on a thread.

    It's pointless to have "save this thread" if it's just automatically saved even when I don't want it to after I write a post in a thread, any thread.

    Hopefully this doesn't sound confusing and hope I'm making sense.
  4. You chose the wrong option. That option will still automatically add threads to your subscription list after replying, but without email notification.

    You need to change it into this option, like Echoes told you before: Default Thread Subscription Mode: Do not subscribe
  5. ohhh i see. thank you both!