Submit a qu. to eBay town hall mtg. today?

  1. It is possible to submit a question for a "town hall meeting" with Bill Cobb, President of eBay North America at 4:00 today. I doubt the chance of having a questions answered are very high, but I'm curious about what question you would want to ask.

    Here's mine:

    What the @#%* are you doing to authentic sellers of designer bags?

    O.K., more seriously (it's hard to narrow it down to one question):

    In an attempt reduce fraud, eBay recently changed policy concerning the listing of designer bags. Is eBay willing to acknowledge that this new system has serious flaws which result in the removal of listings and suspension of accounts of honest sellers selling authentic bags?

    Do sellers in this situation have any rights or recourse?

    Would you consider improving customer service in order to increase consistency and accuracy of communication and genuine responsivity to seller's concerns (rather than vague form letters)?
  2. is this EST? I got a lot to say to Mr Cobb!
  3. I would like to know what criteria they use for determining when a bag is fake. They post guidelines for buyers to use to identify fakes, and yet eBay doesn't seem to use these guidelines themselves.
  4. oh, who writes well? someone should cummarize succinctly what we feel and what is going on.

    not going to be me though, i can't write for sh1t!

    i hop someone, or quite a few someones jump up to the occasion!
  5. Just thought of a suggestion to pass along to eBay:

    I was reporting a fake and realized that it would be helpful if there were a place for me to explain how I identified the item as fake. The dialogue box eBay uses now only asks for auction numbers, and I don't know that they would see it if I typed in an explanation. But surely this information would be helpful for them in deciding whether to pull the listing.

    Also I think it should be easier to report fakes. There are too many screens to have to go through.
  6. The meeting is Pacific Time.

    I like the ideas about understanding what criteria they are using to judge fakes. However, in correspondence I have received they stated, "Keep in mind, however, that I cannot divulge exactly which indicators eBay uses to determine whether a given item appears genuine. Due to legal and security concerns, that information must remain confidential."

    Needless to say, this is so frustrating. They accuse you of breaking the rules, destroy the evidence (remove the listing) and if you truly believe you are following the rules, they will not tell you which ones you are breaking. My head is spinning as I think about this.

    I also agree that it would be nice to let them know what criteria we are using when we report fakes.

    To the mods: I don't know if this is appropriate and it may be a little late for this, but is there any chance tPF could submit a question, in order to represent our community?
  7. This is a GREAT idea! Even if it's not for the town meeting, it would be lovely for someone from tPF to contact eBay with some questions and suggestions.