Subforum Designer Logos

  1. I just noticed the new designer logos posted on each of the handbag subforums. So cool! And Balenciaga remains "logo-less":rochard: Great work Vlad!

    Wait a minute, has this been here long? Is this new or am I the only retard who noticed it just now?:lol:
  2. It's been around for like 3 weeks now. :yes:

    Which doesn't mean that you are a 'retard'... I bet many ladies haven't noticed yet.
  3. :roflmfao: i log on everyday in hoping to see a Balenciaga logo of some sort, but NO!!! So, tod you're not alone or a retard :supacool:
  4. :shame:

    You're the sweetest HeleNZ:flowers:
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