Sub Zero / Wolf or Thermador Appliances???

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  1. My 14 year old Sub Zero is dying. The same for my Thermador range. My dishwasher's going too.

    The Sub Zero I've been largely happy with, but the back ices up (a known problem). I have not always been good about vacuuming motor, so that has probably affected it too.

    The Thermador I've been less happy with as the grill section is just awful to clean.

    I've found that dealers won't give you a price concession, but they'll give you a rebate or a free dishwasher if you purchase multiple items.

    What are your thoughts and recommendations?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I looked into all of these brands (chose jenn-air in the end). I ruled out Thermidor so the range would have been Viking and the frig subzero. I preferred Viking to wolf. Those would have fit our needs best best. At the time we thought we were going to have a different kitchen layout. With the offering layout, the jenn-air worked better. I don't think you can beat a subzero frig but we are only two people so we really did not need that big. My husband won a charity auction at an NFL event so that also steered us in the direction of the appliances we chose.

    Of you are looking at drawer microwaves, the wolf is $1800 and it a rebranded Samsung. They all are. We ended up getting a built in convection microwave by Electrolux. For $1800, I wanted more than a drawer.
  3. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. I will look into Jenn-Air and Viking. I also saw a GE Profile range I liked too.
  4. I have Viking ovens and stove. Sub zero for frigs. We are building another house and asked someone in the business if I should try the wolf or thermedor and he said no stick with Viking. He said they have fewer service calls on Viking then any other brand.
  5. I did endless research all over the web when replacing our stove and we went with wolf. Love it and the best best dishwasher is Bosch. U don't even know it's on, quietest on the market and worth every dollar! Good luck and enjoy your new appliances!
  6. EB - we did a kitchen remodel 2 years ago. I am crazy in love with my appliances.

    Went with a Subzero fridge and a Wolf range. Totally problem free and look great.

    I did consider Viking because of the options to go with color but in the end, I decided on the Subzero/Wolf combo. (the red knobs on the Wolf were impossible to pass up)