Sub. teacher in son's school-UGH.............

  1. My son had a subsititute teacher in his school 2 days ago, they had a hard time finding a sub so I think someone first from the office was there and then this sub came in. My son's regular teacher is the best, she has the whole class as one unit-they stick together and respect each other and it is wonderful.

    So this sub comes in and to say she insulted (would be too kind) the girl who sits near him. She is Muslim and wears a headscarf and covers her body with maybe a bit looser clothing than most girls. She wears beautiful earrings and is pretty. So this sub asks her "are you a boy or girl". The girl starts crying. The aid tries to comfort her. My son comes home very upset and could not understand why this happened.

    I was shocked. I could not believe someone could say that to a child and really hope some action is taken against this sub. teacher in some way.

    At least the kids in the class stood up for the girl and made her feel better but it really makes one think people like this still have the opportunity to teach our children.

    Also a question for anyone who wears a headscarf (not related to above).
    My friend has cancer and with chemo she looses her hair and she works at a upscale dept. store. Her boss called her into personnel office a few months ago and she and the human resources woman told her they didn't like her wearing scarves on her head. They were beautiful, I gave her over 50 of them. Her boss also used to tell her she looked like a babushka lady......
    So the question I ask if she started wearing a headscarf (even though it is not for her religious beliefs) but work can't stop her because she can say it is would this be a insult to people of your faith? She does not want to ask any of her clients who wear scarves because most people do not know she has cancer. She just wanted me to post this question since she would never want to upset someone. She says some of her clients have beautiful headscarfs and she would feel comfortable wearing them since it would keep both her head and neck warm.
  2. I can't believe that teacher!! the poor girl. I hope her mom raises some hell over this.
  3. That is just terrible. I bet her mom will take care of that sub!
  4. My god that's horrible :'( I feel so bad for the girl.
    Some people are just born rude. hopefully she gets what she deserves.
    what goes around comes around.

    and of course it's no problem if she wears a scarf :smile: if any non muslim wanted to it's no problem. that's their choice. it would never bother any muslim. :smile:
    I wish your friend the best of luck :heart:
  5. As a substitute teacher myself I think that is horrible. I would never consider saying something like that. :crybaby:

    But I will admit that I have had trouble telling if a student is a boy or girl with just their names in front of me. Without a face to put with the name it can be difficult, especially since a lot of names these days aren't gender specific.

    I can't believe she had the nerve to say something like that and to make it worse she did it in front of the class!!!!!
  6. no excuse whatsoever though is it. If she truly did not know by the name, her job as a teacher is to ask an intelligent question, like asking the girl, wow, thats such a great name, how do you pronounce it, and finding her answer that way.
    What a horrible lady, she really should not be allowed to teach children. Teaching is a gift that should only be given to genuinely caring people, who we entrust our children to.
    Its really saddened me, this one.
  7. Damn the substitute teacher and damn the human resources office!

    The teacher should've done her homework. In that religion, the girls are the ones wearing the headscarves. (Are there any boys who are Muslim in the class?)

    To add . . . I have seen women wearing headscarves before, but since I've lived in Toronto, I've seen a woman in a burka and a woman in a full-body headscarf (and by that, I mean a long skirt and a long sleeved top and a scarf that not only covers her head, but her nose and mouth as well.) I've never seen women wearing things like that before.

    I respect them if that's their religious belief, although I admire them for not getting claustrophobic in something like that. I certainly would.
  8. Yeah I definately admire them too cause I just wear a scarf sometimes at work I get so hot and bothered thank God for fans hehe

    Its quite low of the sub to say that to a child.. poor girl!
  9. Wow, what the sub did was absolutely horrible!! I'm just shocked. Hopefully the school district wil take action and never use her again to sub w/in the district.

    Also, it should be completely fine for your friend to wear a head scarf, why on earth would her employer not allow that?? Very strange.
  10. that sub should be fired. who knows what other ignorant crap comes out of her mouth?
  11. When I was in the first grade I had my hair cut, I think it was just under my ears. There was a lice outbreak at the school, and they were inspecting everyone's hair in the class. The principal was working on the kid next to me, and then he said to me "you're next, little boy." :crybaby: It was more than 30 years before I cut my hair that short again. My dad always pestered me to cut my hair short, but I never forgot what that man said to me.
  12. what a very immature sub. as a teacher she should have known better but perhaps she realized her mistake after crushing a childs feelings. you probably wont see her around anymore. not a way for her to make a good impression as a sub. teacher.
  13. Good subs are hard to find ... even harder than good teachers! :sad: Make sure someone knows ... the principal, AP, or someone. Once I was out and had a sub who called one of my boys (who has bone cancer and walks with crutches) GIMPY. He didn't tell his mom or anything but all of the kids told me when I got back. I mentioned it to my boss and he hadn't heard anything, but they looked into it and she never came back.
  14. Both the substitute and your friend's boss were highly unprofessional, and don't sound like very nice people to boot.

    Your friend should wear the headscarves, regardless of what her boss thinks.
  15. Oh my! Geez!